Theo responds

Plz to forgivify a barging-in? Kthx.

O hai, guise! Rember teh page I had set up to give messages to our fren, Theo (aka Teho), who is in teh Army Basic Trainification? He sended a reply, by way of Mrs. Theo. Here it am:

So I want to write a little back to the ICHC crew, but I’m kinda rusty at this…[ahem] O hai Cheezpeepz. Fanks fur teh happys, I keeps dem wif mai purtint payperz. Grins. Baysik is teh sux, full of lose and pleh, but dats wut is spozeta be, and I are live an fuzzy. I can has sharp aie an fast legz. I prolly cant has mowka (woe!) buts teh Em-Are-Eez has instint cawfee in sumtiem (glee!). Iz betar den nuffing. Oh! Todai I seed too kitnz, fur realz, riet in teh cumpnee asem…issm…ahem…teh big gets-togever playse. Dems live undr teh cargo contaynar an stealz teh fudz we leevs sumtiems wen we eetz in der. I frayd fur dems but dey is can be feerul an wily, so I hoeps dey be OK. (AAAARGH MY BRAIN) I’m not saying the average sentence uttered here is grammatically elegant, but let me say that there are NO marching cadences in LOLspeak. HAYYLE no.

(This is LCB again.) U can still leave a message, just click on my bloo name or go to U might has to put ur message moar than once for it to take, so better if u write it in Notepad then copy and paste it onto teh page. It should show up immediately, so if it doesn’t just paste it again. kthxsryabouthat


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