Tripoint Cheezmeet in Lindau/Jurmanee

ooooooo…….. lukkit dis wut landinged in mai emayoz!!!

***** Tripoint cheezmeet in Lindau/Jurmanee on Sat, 26 June *****

Ohai cheezfrenz and lurkers! Last Friedegg Honeycakerabbit and ai decided to have a cheezmeet in Lindau on teh Lake Constance, see Teh lubberly city is located where three Jooropean countries meet – Jurmanee, Austrya and Switzerland – we can has a tripoint cheezmeet, yay!

So iffn there are cheezfrenz or lurkers libbing in that area and would laik to see Honeycakerabbit and Upfi in purrson and have a fun day togevver, pweeze come to Lindau main station on

Saturday, 26th Joon, at high noon (12:00) at teh informashun desk.

Mabbeh u says, hao will ai recognize peeps ai have nebber scene be4 in mai laif? Cheezfrenz be full of teh win and awsumness, but wot do ai do iffn there be elebenty hundred peeps at teh informashun desk?

No worries, it be kwite eezy: Look for teh littlol pink caterpiggly. It will be drawn on a nawt-so-little sheet of papur held up bai …. Upfi! There, u found me.

Lukking forward to meeting cheezfrenz on Caturday!!!


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