Boston Cheesemeet!

Dis important nownsemint b kumming frum Bluesfan473:
*May I please to having your attenshun??*
New England Cheesepeeps, annowncing a

July 6th (Tuesday)
Exact time details still to be worked out.
Uniquekitty and plastikat will be visiting MA that weekend, staying in a Boston suburb and I can ride the Downeaster train into the city.
We’re planning to meet at the TD Banknorth Garden Station, thats where the Downeaster comes into and they can ride the MBTA right into the same station.
More info as it becomes available!

6 thoughts on “Boston Cheesemeet!

    will dis bii duren teh dae, oar at nite? pleis let mii noe, as ai nede tu chanj en ehpoynmunt effen iz daetyem.

    • Ohai Catena!!

      /lolspeek awf/

      It will definitley be during the day (sorry) , I am constrained by the Downeaster schedule, the last morning run gets into TD Bank North Station at 10:25 AM, barring any delays. I will have to book my return home probably on the 5:00 PM run, so I’ll have to be back at the station at around 4:45 PM. Uniquekitty and Plastikat are leaving the area for their next destination the next day, the 7th. Are you okay with meeting at the station? As (I admit it) a small town hick I am intimidated by the thought of trying to get around Boston by myself so I was relieved when they were okay with coming into the station to meet me.

      I’m really looking forward to this! If you want to email me my addy is Just put your screen name or Boston cheesemeet in the subject, ‘kay? *shmoos*

  2. WOOT!!! Yesh, Catena, will be in daytyme! We be looking for a place for tawktawk an nomnomnom….haz a place in mind but iz nawt definite yet. Hope yu kan joyn us!!!

    • Can i make a suggestion ? altho I’m a california girl, I lived in the Boston area for 11 yrs and came to luv the city- I’ve never been anywhere more “walker friendly”. My suggestion for a meeting place is Faneuil Hall Market Place- giant food court,everything you could ever want to take out, benches all over outside , group friendly -stay and talk as long as you want, nobody throws you out. If you have access to the subway (MTA) take the greenline to Government center and it’s all right there. If poss, get there b4 11:30 am bcuz the employees from Govt center eat there for lunch and it fills up- but there is a constant ebb and flow of people. I would suggest meeting at your original dest and traveling 2gether as a group to the market and btw- have fun, you guize ! how I wish I cud bthere !

      • siily me! I didnt realize ‘TDbank north garden station” was my old friend, North Station ! as in Boston Garden ! used to work in lowell, ma and have taken the train innumerable times for things at the garden- ice shows, the circus, the globetrotters etc. your only one or two stops on the green line from govt centr. !

      • Fankees sparkysmom! Wee wish u cud bee tehre tew! Bery good suggestions, wee r playin it by eer fer affer wee meet up, maibe a trolley ride er sumfin. Ai haz sum issues wif walkin tew much sew ur ideea iz gud gud gud! *shmoos*

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