Chikkin Man am Habbing Sir Jury

rhsb says:

**I can haz innerupshun foar a minnit?**

Y’all, wun of owr own needz ur beemz, plz.

3km’s hubby, Chikkin Man, iz havvin teh hur-nee-yah surjeree nexst week.

Plz to sendin beemz to 3km an hur famblee.


**bak to ur regyoololarlee skedyoold sillyniss**


8 thoughts on “Chikkin Man am Habbing Sir Jury

  1. Halp. Halp. Halp. I’ve ben spammified again!!!
    What is wps problem with my comments??? This is getting old and extremely frustrating. I’m sure people r beginning to think people don’t care about them when we do but r getting the spam treatment. 😦

  2. heerz tew u feelin ebber-sew-much bedder aftr da sir-jur-ie! *beemz adn beautimus blossomz in yr plaice ob recubberie*

  3. Sendin beemz an luv. Askin CC an de Angels tew bi lookin afta yew an deh fambli, an foar wunnerful rekubry frum sir joori.

  4. Thanks fur awl da beems and prayers and gud thots. I haz nawt been awn Cheezburger lately cause ebbertyme I make a comment, it just goes awai. I nawt know were it goes, it just goes.

    Sur-jury haz been moved up to Wednesday June 30th. Surjin thinkso his bakashun iz moore important than scheduled sur-juries. 😦

    Please continue wif beems and prayers and gud thots. I hazza a big ol worry cause wii nawt az yung and healthy az wii used tu bii and Chikken Man iz my bestest friend and luv uf myne life.

    Will try fixin myne Cheezburger account wunce awl haz settled down at my howse. Fanks again!! Cheezfrends Rock!!!!!!!!!

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