Boston Cheezemeet

Mai ai hang dis heer?

*May I please to having your attenshun??*

New England Cheesepeeps, annowncing a


July 6th (Tuesday)

Exact time details still to be worked out, but it wil bee in teh morning time.

Uniquekitty and plastikat will be visiting MA that weekend, staying in a Boston suburb and I can ride the Downeaster train into the city.
We’re planning to meet at the TD Banknorth Garden Station, thats where the Downeaster comes into and they can ride the MBTA right into the same station.

Breaking gnus! Catena iz trine tew kleer hur skedule an mite bee joynin us!

Iffen u r innerested u kan leev a messidje awn teh Cheeztown cryer er awn mai profyle paige heer, ah’ll git bak tew u!

More info as it becomes available!

Now Boston’s not so far away *da DAOW da daow*
Take a plane there, it’s so chic *da DAOW da daow*
But my bossman won’t let me *da DAOW da daow*
Take off during teh week *da DAOW da daow*

I gots some time off from works *da DAOW da daow*
The higher ups are bein’ jerks! *da DAOW da daow*
But it’s all good and sweet *da DAOW da daow*
Cause I can go to a cheesemeet!! *da DAOW da daow*

Now Cheezmeets are teh win *da DAOW da daow*
In London or Bostin *da DAOW da daow*
Happy for those lucky ones *da DAOW da daow*
Sad for us sad office drones *da DAOW da daow*

I’m gonna ride in on the train *da DAOW da daow*
Its cool and no strain *da DAOW da daow*
A cheesemeet, my first one! *da DAOW da daow*
Iz gonna be so much fun! *da DAOW da daow*

catena says:

Een Seatlol fur wurk *da DAOW da daow*
Traffulz sumtyems eh purk *da DAOW da daow*
Cuz aim meatun jamamakitty *da DAOW da daow*
Wii guen tu haz eh dae pritty *da DAOW da daow*

Ohai catena! Duz u kno yit iffen u kan maik teh Boston meet?

You and jamamakitty *da DAOW da daow*
Have fun in the city *da DAOW da daow*
Cheesemeet for the win! *da DAOW da daow*
Let the joy begin!*da DAOW da daow*

catena says:

aiz hopen tu kum *da DAOW da daow*
eet will bii grate fun *da DAOW da daow*
iz luken lyk gud bet *da DAOW da daow*
jus kent sae fur suyr yet! *da DAOW da daow*


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