MennySnowDaze Cheezmeet

cweenmj says:

Oh Hai peepz!!!

Kin I hazzing ur tenshunz fur a minnit? erm, no, dat nawt sownd rite. nawt ur tenshunz, ur A tenshunz, ya, datz wut I mented.

* :D * :!: * :idea: * :!: * :D *


Dhere am going tu b a Cheezmeet in MenneeSnowDaze dis summer!!

Wut, u sez, dat can’t b!!

Yes, I sez, it am troo!!!
On SunnyDay afternoon, August 8 in Red Wing, Minnesota!!
Deh exact time and place am yet tu b determined!

Mark ur calendarz!

“Whair am Red Wing” u asking? Check ur Cheezpeepz map and looking fur Cweenmj.

Awl Cheezpeepz am invited!!!  Dis b a Cheezmeet u wont wanting tu miss!

“Hoo will b dere” u asking?

Mii, deh CweenMJ, of course!
adn MuggleMary!!
Adn BuddyDitzmoresMom!!!
adn Speshul guest frum Washington — OnleeKitteh!!!

Adn Anuzzer Speshul Guest frum MishSeaGon —  JanetCanHas4Kittehs!!!!

So wut am u waiting fur?? Start making ur planz now!!
Come on over tu Minnesota fur sum summer funz!!!


4 thoughts on “MennySnowDaze Cheezmeet

  1. I’m so excited to be meeting the other cheezpeeps. I’ve already got my packing list started. Now I just have to find a new camera (never used a digital before – misses the Polaroid instant picture one, but can’t get film for it now).

  2. do WANT to come!! we is thinking bout it – Plasticat’s birfdai be in August, he say he want to go to cheezmeet for hiz birfdai, an maybe ai kan haz a kupple baykayshun days….

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