Oh Hai, Peepz!!!

haz u ben wundering how dat pore liddlol Silver be dewing?  Deh last tyme wii saw him, hii wuz hazzzing fiziklol therapeez.

Ii haz gotted a knee mayo frum Mumrik wif videoz frum Silver’z humin, Ulrik.

Luk at him now!!!

Hiiz soooooo kewt!!!!

And hiiz sooooooooooo fast!!!!!!

Dis liddlol doggy-boy am just full uv life!!!  Hoo wud guess him wuz mauled bai a big bad wulf?  I b so glad wii halpifyinged him!  It gibz mii a warm feeling awl over thinking uv how kind deh Cheezpeepz b!


12 thoughts on “Moviez

  1. Fankees fur keepen uz uppydayted! Sew menny tymez fings happenen adn hazza sadsadsad ennding. YAAAAAY fur teh happytayle ennding.

    GO SILVER!!!!

  2. Efurry Ai sii Silver my hart warms an Ai hav such a happytail. Ulrika, Mumrik, LCB, an alla cheezfrenz ar such amazing peeps tu open der harts tu such a sweet liddle boi so far awai!
    {{{{Silver an Ulrika}}}}}

  3. Fank you for the update! I lubs dat little goggie … looks like he made a full recobery – such happi gnus!

  4. Fankees sew much for showing dese videos!! Ai wuz habbing a grumpy day and nao ai has such a hyooj happee for littlol Silver and hims mom!!! Dis mades mai day!

  5. Another comment – he seems so brave! After the experience of mauling, you’d think he’d never want to be out of Ulrik’s sight …. but he seems happy and confident about running all around in the tall grasses.

  6. Dis “puppy” haz such a grate outlook on life. Shows hez ebery bit da fiter we all gnu he wuld be. Ai so happi dat hez doing so gud.

  7. yay adn hooray! dis iz wun speshul lil goggeh!1!! who iz cloze tew mai hart.
    also, what a beeutimouse countriesyde he haz tew plai in

  8. Thank you for keeping us updated. Love looking at a brave goggie with a big story and HAPPY ending! He’s my little hero. Many happy days in Sweden, Silver and Ulrik.

  9. O mai!! hao wundermuss to sii shweet lill goggie so well and happeh!! lookit him run in pritty Sweetish contryside!! ai hazza beeg happeh. Fankies four teh guud nooz and vyooz, Mai Leezh, an betst whishes to Silver and Ulrika.

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