KCTz Mom

Oh deer, dis sad nooz b in mai inbox tuday.

KCT has asked me to let u know that her mom is being transferred to a hospice tomorrow. She has had a stroke and is needing teh gud folks at hospice to make her comfortable and ease her way to teh rainbow bridge where she has many kittehs and a goggie or two waiting for her in teh meadow. KCT appreciates teh hugs and well wishes u have sended her and now she needs her cheezfrends’ beams even moar. {{{{Dorfy, KCT and fambly}}}}


12 thoughts on “KCTz Mom

  1. KCT and fambly – beams and hugs and stroking of heads and skritches under chins to you all. Such a heaviness in the heart. Try to think of your mum going on an exciting journey all the way Home. I feel there is no sadness in her, so try very hard not to let her see your own sadness. My sister, who works for Hospice counselling the dying and the bereaved, always says this: There are good days and better days. I will keep you in my heart for strength and smiles and later laughter. {{{{{BEAMS}}}}}

  2. Beeeeeeeeeemz of teh bestest kind to you and your mom. May she continue her journey in peace and joy, and may you know that no connection is ever broken, and no love ever lost or ended. Prayers and hugs to you all.

  3. KCT: ai iz so sad bout your mom. But ai know dat hospice peeps are great peeps and dey will do eberyfing dats needed fur your mom.
    {{{{{KCT}}}}} {{{{{KCT’s mom}}}}}

  4. {{{{KCT and mahm}}}}
    Deh hospice peepz am ossim in dere cayring. May teh rest of her jurney be cumfurtable and peeceful.

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