Rhokit am Rekuvvering

Gud nooz frum Cattails:

This note came yesterday morning from leamarie:
Rhokit was just wheeled into recovery. They are pretty sure they got all of it and will know more as time progresses. She’ll be in ICU just as a precaution the next couple days, but they are very optimistic for a full recovery!

Dis iz me, Cattails: Dr. Tinycat did teh lobectomy to remoov teh big C frum her lung. Many fanks to all uf ewe fur frending Rhokit an sending her beams and support before her sir jury. She waz thrilled to sea how muchly teh cheezpeeps cared! U folks iz teh bestest!!!

Purrs ‘n hedbonks,


14 thoughts on “Rhokit am Rekuvvering

  1. Thank you, Cattails, for the update. Headbonks! For Rhokit, rest, relax, all will be well. I am sending beams and masses of soft, white light to seep into you and heal every inch of your body. Well done! The worst is over and this too shall pass. Belly snorglols and laughter all on the way!

  2. Softist hugs and beemz fur ur speedy recubbery, Rhokit! Dat littlol pillow dey will give u will be a berry guud frend to u 🙂

  3. fanx 2 awl uv uze for deh been & huggs!! dey halpt uh lawt!!
    aiz bin hoam 4 uh wiik * iich dei iz uh littlol bettuh!!
    Serjun sez himz gawt awl!! Limf-noads iz kliir!
    aiz iz sew 4-tun-it!
    tnx, thnx, tnx!!

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