ChikkinMan haz ben Surgifyed

rhsb says:


I jest got offa teh fone wif 3km. Teh Chikkin Man had himz sirjury dis moarnin an himz owt an in recubbery.

Him wil be inna horsepiddlol ovurnite den will go hoam 2morro.

Plz to keepin 3km an Chikkin Man in ur purrayurs. Hur sez to say, “Fankyoo” foar awl teh thots an suff.


2 thoughts on “ChikkinMan haz ben Surgifyed

  1. heers da beeeeg heelin bow-kay ov speshul flairs fur ur quickasawink recubberie adn pain-free futurz *placin da flairs in da ruum fur bestest viewz adn smellin*

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