Boston Cheezmeet

The All Goggie Vuvuzela Marching Band parades through Cheeseland
*paaaaaaarp paaaaaaaaarp PAAAAAAAARP*
/lolspeek awf/ May I have your attention please? Announcing final details for the
July 6th, 2010
If anyone else is interested please let us know ASAP. There are two places to connect with us:
McGann’s Irish Pub, 197 Portland Street
Unique Kitty, Plasticat, Minervamachine and her housemate are driving in and will proceed directly to McGann’s, at 11:00 AM.  Or:
Boston North Station
TD Banknorth Garden
135 Causeway Street
On the concourse where the trains come in (street level) is very limited food court (don’t worry, we’re not eating there ;) ). There is an open counter McDonalds, right across from it are a few tables and a podium/kiosk for trolley tours. This is the meeting spot.
Catena and I are meeting there at 10:45 AM, then we will proceed to McGann’s, which is only a few minutes walk away.
If anyone else is considering joining us please leave a message on my profile page or you can email me at my screen name Please put Boston Cheesemeet in the subject line, otherwise, if I don’t recognize your name it will get deleted. Thank you-that is all.
All Goggie Vuvuzela Marching Band disappears into the sunset
*PAAAAAAAARP paaaaaaaaaarp paaaaaarp*

6 thoughts on “Boston Cheezmeet

  1. Fank yoo fank yoo fank yoo for teh happy image of teh doggie vuvuzela marching band. Ai has had dat happy pikchur in mah hed awl day and it makes me smile!

    Has fun at teh Cheezmeet!

  2. haz to agreein wif Shepmom, can jus see deh goggie vuvuzela band paaarping down deh streetz! in Soufeffrika we haz vuvuzelas 24 howas ebery day fer the past hoaw meny weeks (since teh Whirled Kup 2.010 got goin) butt(!) dey’z nawt az cayoot az a marchin band!

    Fankies! Enjoy teh meet!

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