Teh Furred Lunnun Innernashunul Cheezmeet

Amber cat poastid dis awn ICHC bowt teh Finerlee part uv teh Cheezmeet.

Flyby postin (shh, Ai’s a twerk! Donut tell teh boss Ai’s bin heer!) – Wot do we fink to : Meet at teh Big Dors to teh Abby, faysin teh Romun Baffs an Pump Rume, at 10.30ish awn 31nd Joolye. Plan: Pfft; wotebber we feel lyk! Romun baffs; Ohai tee at teh Pump Rume; Jay Nostin Speeryunse; Lyun Safari!!! No rly; tehre’s a lyun safari in Baff at teh momunt! Gotta go – Ai’s bizzee, bizzee, bizzee!


10 thoughts on “Teh Furred Lunnun Innernashunul Cheezmeet

      • I didn’t forget it, I just didn’t count it! Teh Lunnon Innernashnul Cheezmeets are organised by and for Cheezfrends. They take a lot of co-ordinating; conversing; compromise; and good will. This will be the 3rd we’ve organised.

    • Cheese and Tofu were in London for publicity purposes and organised a reception for ICHC/Cheezfrends to meet them.
      The Lunnon Innernashnul Cheezmeets are for ICHC/Cheezfrends to meet each other. They are open to anyone who reads the comments on ICHC.
      Come or don’t come – it’s every readers’/commenters’ choice.

      I can’t say I appreciate organising them; organising people to get there; hosting visiting Cheezfrends; and stroking egos, desite ill-health and work commitments, just to be sniped at.

      I hope to be at the Meet in Bath, if I am well enough. I will be delighted to see anyone else who can make it.

      • Ohh noes! Iz yu beeen snypt at? Das so nawt faer. Heer. Ai hugs yu wiffa keerful Mrrphh hug: {{ { {{{{ | Ambercat ]} } }}}}}
        *whispurrz* (Sory. Ai neeez pwaktiss.)

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