cweenmj says:


I taking ur spawt heer and putting up a nownsingment. :D


It b SUMMERTYME in deh midwest! U noez wut dat meenz?
Deh CIRCUS am kumming tu town!!

No! u sez!
Yes!! sez I. A CIRCUS!!! A great big 3-ring circus!!! rite heer in CheezTown!!!!

When u asks?
On Neggst Thurzday, sez I. deh 22th uv Julee on deh 9am Cheeztime LOL!!

Cween, u asks, how wil wii haz a circus?
Well, I sez, sinse most uv ower eventz turn into a circus annyway, it shud b pretty eezee!

Get out ur trapeez!! polish up ur highwire act!! Dig dat clown suit owt uv deh trunk in deh attic!! :mrgreen:

Cween, u asks, duz wii haz tu do any pre-circus co-ordinating?
NO, I sez, It wudn’t due enyy gud ennyway. :roll: Just think uv a circus act and go for it!! Prepare ur circus act ahead ov time on ur favrit word processor. Then, on deh appropriate lol, post it and let deh mayhem ensue.


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