Ambercat says:

Merinders: Teh dee tayuls ob teh nekst tu parts ob teh Furred Lunnon Innernashnul Cheezmeet has been an ownsed:-
Awn Mundane 26th Joolye at ht tp://;tp:// .

Meetin at 3pm, giv or taek a nowr!

An tehn awn Caturdai 31nd Joolye Meetin at teh big dors ob Bath Abby, faysin teh Romun Baffs an teh Pump Rume, in Bath. Kikoff at 10.30am, an tehn progressin at a staytlee payse to as mennee tee rumes as we can fynd!

If yu is comin to eye ther Meet, plees maek shor yu has sed so awn teh most reesunt postin, awn teh Toun Cryer.

Advanse No Tiss
Tehre wull be a Ortum Innernashnul Cheezmeet in teh miggle ob September, in teh Sou fwest ob TTI. Mor de tayuls wen Ai fink ob sum!


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