Cweenz Resepshun

Heer ye, Heer ye!!

Deh Cweenz Resepshun, aka, Deh MinnySnowDaze Cheezmeet,
Am going tu b on August 8, at 1pm at Liberty’s Restaurant and Lounge,
At deh corner uv 3rd adn Plum, in Red Wing, Minnesota.

Dehre will b sordid nomz and drinkz availablol fur consuming, adn much talkifying tu b dun.

U duznt haz tu libbing in MinnySnowDaze tu attending!!

Enny adn Awl Cheezpeepz am welkum tu joyning us!!

Klikking heer fur a map showing wair deh Liberty and several motelz/hotelz  b in Red Wing.

Klikking heer fur moar info bowt Liberty’s.


3 thoughts on “Cweenz Resepshun

  1. Ai haz printed da map adn announcemint. Ai iz ready. Iz anywun else dere yet? Huh? How ’bout nao?
    See ya dere.

  2. Woot!! If i can get vacation time – Plasticat and I will be there too!!!!!!! *crosses paws and hopes boss will let me have vacation*

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