Resepshun Time Change

cweenmj says:

:? huh? wut? datz nawt rite! I triez agin.

ya, datz bedder! :)

Deh Cweenz Reseption, aka MennySnowDaze Cheezmeet

Will b heldifyed at deh Liberty Restaurant adn Lounge in

Red Wing, Minnesota

at 11:45 ish am

on Sunday, August 8, 2010.

Plz tu noting dat deh time haz changifyed. Deh city uv Red Wing haz desided tu hazzing a parade at 1 pm, kloggifying deh streetz, :roll: so wii will b meeting a bit eerlier. Dis will giving us time tu meeting and talking and lunching and tawking and see deh parade adn tawking and retire tu deh lounge fur drinkz and tawking.

Dehre will b sordid nomz and drinkz availablol fur consuming, adn much talkifying tu b dun.

U duznt haz tu libbing in MinnySnowDaze tu attending!!

Enny adn Awl Cheezpeepz am welkum tu joyning us!!

Klikking heer fur a map showing wair deh Liberty and several motelz/hotelz  b in Red Wing.

Klikking heer fur moar info bowt Liberty’s.


7 thoughts on “Resepshun Time Change

  1. Sounds like the best plan of all! Anyone who cannot be that early can easily join us in the course of the day. As we will surely be talking and talking and talking and eating and drinking and talking and – watching the parade! What a nice bonus!!

  2. Woohoo!!! Plasticat an ai are going to Red Wing to teh cheezmeet an to see teh cween’s parade!! WWWWWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. *Marches rown an arown teh libbing ruum in antisipayshun ob teh parayde*
    Yay foar teh cween’s reesepshun! Dis gnu peep iz teh berry, berry eggsited!!

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