Wedding Bellz

Sandrainia5kittehs says:

***Anounceiment*** Ta Da!!!!!! I gotz married tu mai Wuvie so he is no longer my S/O he iz nao mai Spouse aka hubbyz

Sandrainia5kittehs says:

we got married yesterday, and I’m still as much in love with him as I evah wuz b4 tu!!!!!!! 6 kittehs nao and all happiez tu bei wun big fambly, they so happi wun ov themz brought in a live maus from outside as wedding present!! It to fast foar mei tu catch in haus so itz will runs around till it find door and goes back outside like the rest of the mice have done they bring in alive. Never find any maus bodies when cleaning so they must be going back outside alive.

Sandrainia5kittehs says:

TY all ! Love the plural yep he is the main spice ub mai libes !!!


6 thoughts on “Wedding Bellz

  1. Conga-ratz Sandrainia5kittehs . yuu nao has a SU ( spousal Unit) lol

    shirley & mehide … teh semie feral kitteh

  2. Concatumajubilashuns! Mai hubcat an ai has bin hitch 10 yeers, an eben tho mawij sumtimems is a litlol wurk (sumbunny snores, nawt naming no names) is also a beri-beri gud fing. Best wishs for U and teh hole famblii – u sownds a litlol liek teh Brady bunch egggsept wif meeses!

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