Reminder frum Ambercat Bowt teh Finerlee part uv teh Lunnun Cheezmeet

Teh Larst Part ob teh Mennee parted Furred Lunnon Innernashnul Cheezmeet is tihs Caturdai in…Baff! Taht’s Bath, teh sitty, nawt in teh baff!
Plees to be meetin at 10.30 ob teh ay emm, in frunt ob teh big dors to teh Abby, faysin teh Romun Baffs. Wot we do arfter taht, is up to us – hav a googol an see wot yu fansee!
If yu wont to bring giftees, an yu rilly rilly donut has to, plees keep tehm smawl an cheep an, preffrubbly, maed by yur oen, fayr hands.
An, so we donut leev enneewun behynd, can we has a fynul sho ob hands, awn teh Toun Cryer, justas sune as CweenMJ or Annipuss or hooeber, puts tihs post up tehre!


11 thoughts on “Reminder frum Ambercat Bowt teh Finerlee part uv teh Lunnun Cheezmeet

  1. *Hands up*
    Me an Mr TM be cummin
    An Whiskers will join us early afternune when hur trane arribes frum Lunnun 😀

  2. *Hands up* *Hands down* *Hands up*
    Ai r plannin on bean dere, ai has a hotlol room bukked. Howebba, wun of de goggies is a little bit porely dis ebening. If ai carnt cum to de Cheezmeet ai will let Annipus noe, by tellingbone, tumorrow.
    Ai m keeping evvrything crosst that ai can get to teh Cheezmeet. Ai duzznt no wot wurries me most, dat goggie is porely or dat ai will miss meeting evvrywun. Oh deer, Oh deer.

  3. WAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!! I want to bee there in BAAAHHTH!!!! And see teh sites! An meet ebreewun.

    Pleeze think ov mee. Ai’ll trai to pretend ai am there, too.

    • MEEEEEE TEWWWWW!!! ai wanna bee dere an habs teh fyun wib ebbereewun! Baff izza grate sitty, lotsa stuffs tew taek pikshures uv, an tewmoarrow, dere bee teh cheezpeepz tew habs inna pikshures tew!
      Ebbreewun dat iz dere habs a fabyoulus tyme! sai ohai tew awl teh cliemmin’ angils awn teh abbee!

  4. Ai wont to be tehre too – Ai am “werkin form bed, Ai meen, home” tomorrow to recroot mai strenf. Ai will txt tidmum to say yay or nay, awn Caturdai mornink

  5. Mai Mawm has bin tu Bath, adn Ai has bin tu teh Baths awn Virgin Gorda in teh TTI Virgin Islands, butt(!) Ai wish Ai culd b dere wif mai CheezFrenz.

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