AngelPlumez Petition

Tu sine AngelPlumez petition, go tu then clik “reply” and add ur name and enny uzzer comment.
AngelPlume says:


It is heerbai rezolvd dat teh lawng-establishd adn kontinyooing CheezPeep kommyoonity is Angerrd adn Owtrayjd bai teh prepondurenss ob FAYK LOLS being perpetrayted upon us in teh naym ob Egstra Kontent.

We has experiensd, tu owr detrimint as a komyoonity, teh following…

1) LOLz posted so frekwentleh dat we is unayblol tu generayt a desint fred or carry awn intellijiblol conbersayshunz

2) Fayk LOLz dat ar akshulleh taykin frum obber sytes, sumtymz wiffowt kapshunz

3) Promoshunul videoz adn obber ad-relayted items prezented tu us as tho dey ar kontent

4) Videoz dat duz nawt play propurleh instedd ob cheezfren-generayted LOLz

5) A preponderanss ob cheez-relayted propaganda, such as teh historeh or jeenyolojee ob lolcats, also foysted upon us on teh frunt payj

6) Obber greevius offenssez dat ai nawt can fing ob ryte nao, but ai is shoor will be poasted by consernd cheezpeeps in teh signachur kommints belo

In short, teh Cheezland kommyoonity is FED UP wiff dis malishus treetmint, adn wish tu PROTEST tu teh Grayted Cheezes tu RESTOAR owr cherishd enbironment ob regyoolarly-skejoold LOLz created by teh kommyoonity.

We has AFFIXED OWR NAYMZ HEER in support ob dis petishun.

AngelPlume says:

~~Angel~Plume~~ … AYE!


21 thoughts on “AngelPlumez Petition

  1. ai liked da cite da oldwai bettur–ai faught it waz just me gettin old adn comfuzzeled about wat fings u said in ur broadsyde…

  2. AngelPlumez,
    maybe you should translate into non-LoLspeak… this is a reply i received.
    I’m sorry, I’m not very fluent in lol speak but I think I was able to understand most of the message.

    In the future we will be having a separate tab for some of the other content that we have been providing recently. We had received lots of email from people asking for more of a variety of the things that we posted so we are trying to find a balance to keep everyone happy.


    Customer Service

  3. i haz signed teh pet i shun, caws eben if i can nawt seez gud rit naow, i no wut i haz bin haf seein iz nawt lols! i iz deh Mama, so dere!

  4. I agreez. Am there a informul boykot ub da fayk lols? I notissed dat da fayk wuns has a lot less kommints resintly as kompayred tu da gud stuffz….

  5. Ai rited to teh cheef Cheese about teh eggstra bideos an stuff an him haz riplied. Him sez dat dey plan 2 put a filtur tab in soe dat we can chooz 2 hab juss reler lols oar bideos oar ebbrifin. Less hoep dat halps ristoar the fun!

  6. Thx AngelPlume.

    Youre right, the new format is horrible and doan kno why they played around with what was working.

  7. Am I too late? Hope not. I abserlootely agree wif AngelPlume. Give us our old LOLs back! I don’t need no extra content, I’m happi wif mai “old” cheezburger site.

  8. And here I thought it was just me because I went a while without checking in! I am not liking the new format at all what with videos and here, have a photo to caption, etc. I come to see what shenanigans everyone is up to and – there’s hardly any comments!!! What?!? That is not Cheezy…not cheezy at all! I could not tell by the comments what happened on the Dark & Stormy Night [8/2nd, right?] LOLs. ’cause that day has hardly any comments at all! Harrumph I say!

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