CCC Pixor

Drgnfly drew dis pixor fur us sum time bak.  It b having awl deh fingz u needing tu halping deh SPLORT! victimz.  Sum uv deh peepz at the cheezmeet asked mii to posting it agin.  How kud I refuze?


6 thoughts on “CCC Pixor

  1. Hee hee, lurb teh kitteh fayse cawfee mug adn teh hang in there pohstur. Gud job, Drgnfly!!! @@@@@@@@@@@ Elebentee Cheezburgers!

  2. Dragonfly iz a true cheez artist. When ai first saw dis ai lubed it adn it gibed me a chuklol. Ai gonna sabe dis so ai can put on my cork board in my ‘puter room/office.

  3. 😳
    Fankees ebreewun! Whut a serprize wen ai go tu de cryer an der is ma drawink! An tu fink, sum peeps remememburded it an wanted tu sea it agin. Fanks agin fur yer kynd werds 😀 .

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