MennySnowDaze Cheezmeet Fotoz

Deh Cheezmeet in Red Wing wuz a grate sukkses!!  wii talkt and laft and nommed and talkt adn lafft and nommed and talkt and talkt and lafft and lafft and talkt!!!!

In attendance wuz JanetCanHas4Kittehs, MuggleMary, OnleeKitteh, BuddyDitzmore’sMom, ‘Niser, UniqueKitty, hur sun – Plasticat, and hur huzbin — hoo will remaining nameless tu protectify himz identity, and maiself — cweenmj.

Heer am sum pixorz.

Plasticat modelz deh latest in Cheezmeet hedgear.

L-tu-R: BuddyDitzMore’zMom, ‘Niser, UniqueKitty

MuggleMary (wif cheezburger timer) and OnleeKitteh

OnleeKitteh autografing Mugglemary’z Eva deh Diva T-shurt wif ‘Niser looking on.

Wen deh party wuz breaking up, wii came across a set uv wandering princesses owtside.  Deh graciously posed fur fotoz wif sum cheezpeepz.


Janet, Princess, Princess, Princess, Princess, MuggleMary, Princess, BuddyDitzmore’sMom


16 thoughts on “MennySnowDaze Cheezmeet Fotoz

  1. OHAI! It wuz indeed teh fun. An ober WAAAY too sune!

    An ebreewun hoo came wuz just az nice az yoo wud egg spekt tehm to be – maybee eben ‘Nicer?

  2. Wuz sew much FUN!!! Lubbed teh chezburger hat an timer. wuz awesum to meet owr wunnermuss Cween an Dame Janet an Mugglemary an ‘Niser an Buddy Ditzmore’s Mom an Onleekitteh – eberywun wuz bery nyce. Kannawt wayt to hab anudder cheezmeet! (wen yu coming to Noo Yawk, mai cween??) 🙂

  3. Ai hadnawt laffed so much in years. Adn ai smiloled all da way to Minneyapolis. Eberywun wuz awesume and had so many stories tu tell. Like mugglemary said: it felt like a reunion wif old friends. Adn it wuz ober waywayway too soon.

  4. ai haz to ekko dharma99 – we needz a pic of owre grayshus cween! kplztks to see too it bery soon! shore luks like yew hadz a blazt!

  5. Doh! *…does face paw…* Ai just gotted teh Mennysnowdaze fing.

    Ai is slow, altho vewwy vewwy sinseer. Looks like ebberwun had a fantabulous sort of day at teh Cheezmeet! Lubberly to see teh piccies and have faces to put wif teh names! Wuds onlee hab been teh betters if u hads found a wandering group of princes. or Mounties…

  6. Woot for cheezmeets! Is lubberly to see so many peeps ai know by name now in real life and in 3D AND TechniColor! Woot! I’m still planning on doing a tour through the US to visit awl mai cheezfrenz … need to win the lottery first, though. 😉

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