NorCal Cheez Meet wif AngelPlume

There is nao wun final opportoonity dis seezun for a sho at Orinda…

Wind in the Willows (ai (AngelPlume) play teh majistrayt dat puts Toad in jaol)

Fri/Sat at 8:30 frum Aug 27 thru Sep 25

Sun matinayz at 4:00 on Sep 12 & 19

Extra Thursday show on Sep 23 at 8:00

Hoap tu see u deyr!

Teh play will be prezented at teh owtdoor ampifeeater at teh bakk ob teh littlol park negst tu teh Orinda Commyoonity Senter, so we cud has a pikinik in teh park befoar teh sho, or go tu wun ob teh neerby resturants foar dinnur, adn chat abowt awl fings cheezy! Tu gets a map, put dis intu googlol…

26 Orinda Way, Orinda CA 94563

Teh littlol green patch is teh park wayr teh feeatur is. Itz beri cloas tu teh freeway (root 24), adn is in eezy wawking distins ob teh Orinda BART (Bay Areya Rapid Tranzit) stayshun tuu. It can get kinda cool in teh ebenings wen teh fog roalz in, so be shoor tu bring blankeez adn jakkits adn sumfin sawft tu sittapawn (dey duz has sum kushuns, but u can bring littlol foalding chayrs iffn u wants).

Teh shoz ar awn Fridegg adn Caturday nytes at 8:30, starting dis Fridegg (Joon 4) fru cloasing nyte Joon 26. Deyr is also a Sunnyday matinay at 4PM awn Joon 13ff, adn a Furzday sho at 8PM on teh last week (Joon 24). Tikkits ar sixteen munneez eech, adn u can gets dem at teh door (no need tu mayk rezerbayshuns).


8 thoughts on “NorCal Cheez Meet wif AngelPlume

  1. Hai AngelPlume

    Ai wud so luv to com to this if ai cud.

    Teh majistrayt is a GRATE part an ai’m shur yoo’ll be te wunnderful.

    Wehn ai wuz in Stuttgart, we did mai own vershun ov this. At teh taim, we cudn’t find ENE published vershuns tath were eben CLOASE to teh buk. An, if ai may say so, mine wuz teh funny!
    An laik teh buk. 😉

    So ai wud reelee laik to see yurs. Ar majistrayt wuz VERREE funnee.

    So – Brake a leg, eneway!


    • Teh verzhun we is duin wuz ritten bai teh fowndur ob teh Orinda Starlight groop ai is wiff, hoo ar puttin awn teh sho… Charlotte Meyer. Sheez in hur nyneteez nao, but still cums tu see teh shoz, eben tho she cant reely heer nuffin nomoar.

  2. oHai AngelPlume and MaiCween, I has a eggsited to see the show will be neer to San Francatsco! I has not been so comment-y on the LOLs laytely but am lurkin and laffin and readin the posts. But I has a confuzed two. Is the plays still runnin tho the June is over? Held over by popular demand? Pleeze to clarify becuz Ize wanna go to meet other peeps! From Catnip Junkie.

    • Ohai catnip junkie! Dis is akshully a combinayshun ob tuu posts, wich led tu teh konfyoozhun. Teh tawp part is teh noo part abowt teh sho dats abowt tu start. Teh stuff at teh bottum, abowt wayr teh play will be prezented, wuz kopeed frum teh info bowt teh furst sho ob teh seezun, wich ai also wuz in. So ignorify the stuff bowt teh dates at teh end (tho awl teh obber info bowt teh feeatur is korekt), adn yooz teh dayt info frum teh top.

  3. Ai dohn sapoez derez ben eh show addud awn teh sekkun awf septembah? (will bii in teh san fran sisko dat weke, butt(!) lebbun frydae mornun!)

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