Alto Singerz Huzbin Haz Sir Jury

Diz camed frum AltoSinger.

Hello, gang! Well, it has been a long day. We had to be up and to the hospital by 5:30 AM…i believe that falls under “Praise the LORD, anyway!” Scott had his successful surgery to remove the malignant tumor in his bladder, and we were home by about 1 PM. With a catheter that stays in all week till we see the doc for the follow-up, but home is better for resting, and he needs to do some of that. The pain level seems to be all right, and we had one of our favorite suppers–good ol’ spaghetti and meat sauce makes for good comfort food. He slept most of the afternoon, as might be expected. I didn’t get a whole lot of sleep last night–when it finally cooled off enough to sleep, it was about time to wake up. Tonight we leave it closed with the A/C on, unless that rain that looks like it’s heading this way comes in. (And THAT would be lovely.) (About 100 here today–tomorrow looks to be only 91, so i might be able to get some stuff done before it gets too warm to be out. PTL for a reliable car; working A/C in it would be a lovely thing this summer.) But unless things change, what the doctor told us before the surgery was that the policy would be watchful waiting. There was no muscle involvement, and that was good. So we wait on the LORD, and continue to ask for all y’all to pray for us. thank you bunches—maybe i can sleep tonight.
Love you all bunches—janey


11 thoughts on “Alto Singerz Huzbin Haz Sir Jury

  1. Prayers and healing beams coming your way.

    and special sleepy beams for you

  2. Ohai Altosinger. Ai iz so happy dat all turned out so well. {{{{{altosinger adn hubby}}}}} Ai iz sending prayers adn strong healing beems fur da fast recobery. We all need sum gud gnus aifinkso.

  3. u adn yur huzzbin will get wat u bofus needz!11! Ai bee thinkin bout da wunnermuss dokktur adn da egg-salid traynin ov da mediklol peeps!
    Hooray 4 ebbribuddy!

  4. Thanks to all of you who have been so faithful to pray and think and beem for us. It makes a difference, it really does. Our weather is even changing to a more comfortable level. (If it gets cool enough, i may even bake some bread!) But thank you all SO much!
    GOD bless you all!
    Love you lotses! —janey

  5. Further news: we start Chemo on September 23rd. We haven’t checked the mail for a couple of days, and doggoned if i can remember what the name of the drug is, but when we do, i will update to our Cween. I have been having some serious mood swings,but it is in direct proprtion to where my focus is. If it’s on the LORD, i do fine. If it’s on self, i tank. So continue to hold me up, dear ones—i need all the help i can get! Thank you, and love you bunches—janey

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