Noo Yawk Kittehz Need Halp

two_kittehs pointed dis owt tu mii.

It b bowt a bunch uv kittehz in Albany, Noo Yawk, hoo wuz awl libbing in an apartment in berry nasty conditions.  Teh apartment got condemed and sum nice peepz haz reskewed deh kittehs.   Now dey b trying tu finding dem homez; and dey needing deh munnez fur fudz, vet care, etc.

U kin lukking at deh nooz story on Fox

Dis b deh Orange Street Cats webby site where u kin seeing awl deh kittehs and mebbee making a donation fur dem.


5 thoughts on “Noo Yawk Kittehz Need Halp

  1. I feel so sorry for the woman who was trying to help all the kittehs…it was just too much for her and she couldn’t get help. It’s a credit to her that so many of them are described as friendly and loving. I’m in Florida and at maximum catpacity for my home, so I can’t adopt for foster any, but I’ve made a donation to help with their care. I’m sacrificing a guilty pleasure in order to make a donation….what can you do without so that you, too, can help them?

  2. awww! pour kittehs! ai kin toss sum munnies in teh jar!
    it wuld bee a looooooong trip across countree iffen ai wuz tu adoptify any.

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