dis b cuming tu mii frum SparkyzMom.

ohai, mai cween ! (bowws deeply to show gr8 respect)

i would like to ask da cheezy peeps a qwestshun, but ai nawt sure if it’s ok, or where to ask it (thred or cryer?)  so pls advise !

heers da qwestshun:

hab n e ob yu guize tried “the cat genie”? does it work ?

ai tried the littermaid, spent $450, buying 3 of them, only to find out they dont work.  the rake travels along a track and after the kitty uses the box there is litter in the track which causes the rake not to b able to move, and messes everyfing up

what about this new thing ?



10 thoughts on “Kwestyun

  1. Ai wuld b intrested n noeing, tu. Wehn Ai hadz teh Littermaid, moar tahn litter gawt inna trak, adn it wuz bery ickee. Ai frowed it (adn mai $100) owt. Ai alsew has teh Breeze, wich is similolar tu sumfing taht wurked reel well inna urlee eightees. Itz nawt lectric, jest a diffrunt dezign tahn convenshunal littur bawxes. Sum ov mai kittehs uses it, butt(!) nawt awl. Sigh.

    • thx, catss! you know, ai neber eben fot abowt da kittehs nawt wanting to use it ! mine used da littermaid ok, butt(!!) i gess we cant knoe till we try, rite?

  2. I’ve had the best luck with one that isn’t automatic. You roll it over onto the lid and the litter gets sifted and all the clumps fall into a drawer. Then you just pull the drawer out and empty it. Our pet sitter loves it and all of the kittys have used it without any problems.

  3. mai brudder gibd mii a Modkat, which is like a modifried litr bawks taht tehy jumps in an out uv a hole in teh top, which suposedlee A) kiips tehm frum kiking litr ebrywear an B) kiips teh goggies/kidlets owt. hims cat lubs it, butt (snerk) owr elebenty yiir ol cat (hoo is awlso “of full habit,” as PG Wodehouse would say) did nawt want. So befor wii eber used it as a litrbawks, wii tried it a wai to kiip teh oldr cat owt of teh kitn fud. Wurks great. Sew if u has a kitn, and teh ishoo is teh litr geting ebrywear, mite bii wurf a tri.
    It duz, howebr, rekwire kleening bai hand, saw mai nawt bii wut u wants.
    w w w modkat . com

  4. After an innitial investment of 300.00 dollars and waiting a week I got my Cat genie with innitial supplies. Set up was a cinch for anyone with any set of brains and tools. I hooked mine to the washer drain pipe. (One of two options available.) My 6 cats had no problem converting to using this new contraption. They acually enjoyed the show of watching the machine work.

    The only drawback is the only place to get replacement supplies is through the website. So making sure you have plenty on hand is a must otherwise it takes a week to get more or overnight is offered at almost the amount of the product.

  5. thank you so much, guize ! I got more info than i could have hoped for ! It’s funny to me that altho I shop Amazon for all kinds of things (books, safety pins, rulers, heating pads, etc,) I had not thot to check out the cat genie there ! Nowthat the price has been reduced to $249.00 i think I mite try one, altho how one will work with 4 kittehs, who knows !

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