Nooz Frum deh Grated Cheez (Ben)

As hii promissed, Ben Huh haz sendinged mii an emayo eggsplayning changez dat b kumming tu ICHC.  Ifinso wii b berry lukky tu haz Ben owning deh ICHC.  Him b habbing literally millyunz uv peepz viziting himz sitez, but hii carez enuff bowt ower relatively tiny little community tu lissen tu us and take actionz tu making us happy.  {{{Ben}}}

O HAI ebberyone,

First, I want to thank everyone for your feedback and patience. I believe that I’ve learned much about how the commenter community and Cheezfriends use the site. I also believe we can make some changes to help.

Here’s the list of change that are coming to ICHC starting Aug. 30th:

1) Timing of posts
– The posts that contain a captioned LOL will stay consistently at the current times. There may be occasional captioned lols posted as extras.

2) Cleaning the troll filter
– Some words that were a part of trolls’ names have been sitting in the filter for several months. These cause some unintended words to be caught in the filter. We will clean up this list to minimize the number of accidental non-troll catches. (Pun intended).

3) Animated gifs will not contain a captioned lol.
– In most cases. We understand that you prefer a more focused post. I can’t promise that this will happen 100% of the time, but I can certainly encourage our editors to keep things in like buckets (as in gifs are with gifs, lols and with lols). There are cases like this:
where packaging them together helps make the lol come to life. We would still continue to do this when appropriate.

4) “Cyoot Kitteh of teh Day” will not contain a captioned lol.
– Just like the animated gifs.

Here’s a list of changes that we will work on and may take a bit of time:

5) We’ll continue to work with our video player partners to make sure more people can see videos.
– It’s a tough call, but I get the feeling that more companies will allow videos in the future. Heck, one can hope.

6) Filtering “See Only: Captions | Videos | All” will work on all pages.
– This will allow you to turn a filter “on”, such as the captions-only filter, and navigate from a lol post to lol post. Example: The “Next” and “Prev” links that appear when you are reading comments will take you to the next or previous captioned lol. This, in effect, allows you to have a mini-ICHC that’s almost exactly the same as the previous posting schedule.
– Going to the homepage of ICHC will turn the filter to “off”.
– The filtering link will be available on the homepage.
– As we get closer to launching this feature, we will let you in on the exact way this will work.


P.S.: There’s a bonus new post feature that’s coming as a result of the discussions we’ve had with all of you. 🙂 I’ll just keep all of you in suspense. MUHAHAHA *cough* *cough*.


26 thoughts on “Nooz Frum deh Grated Cheez (Ben)

  1. I wanted to comment somewhere on ICHC, but I’m glad there’s a forum here (I hope Ben reads this,) because yesterday, I noticed the change “videos” “captions” “all” option.

    Ben, if you’re reading this, please know that your approach to listening, considering and addressing the concerns that your community brought forward is absolutely phenomenal.

    It’s pretty special, these days (when we live in a world full of automated phone menus, internet-only communication, etc. with the all business entities of the world that we have to interact with) that a real HOOMAN emerges from the wires and bits and bytes from technology and actually uses community opinion for real process/quality improvement.

    I wish I could say whatever it is that is meaningful to you so that you can realize what an impression your work with this community has left.

    Really strong work, Ben.

  2. Thank you Ben, for taking the time to let us know what is going on and for caring enough to listen and consider our thoughts. ICHC is a great site and I’m so glad to know that there actually are real, caring folks at the helm!

    And thank you to cweenmj for her awesome Cheesetown Cryer site!

  3. This is wonderful news. I hope it all works. The “improvements” were not improvements a
    all. But just made everyone unhappy and changed the whole tone of what made this particular site so popular.

    I think Ben found the problem when he discussed the “editors.” They should know, but the clearly do not, what is going on at ICHC. You can’t just plump someone down with lots of computer experience and expect them to do the right thing.

    Just hope it works. Most of all, I’d love to see it back, just as it was. So easy to be funny and play and just generally have a good time. And plan events. And start something going without the fear that it’s going to be interrupted by a new lol.

    THANKS, Ben! Wee dooo rellee apres shee ate tath yoo DOOO reelee care abowt us! 😉

  4. To cwote frum mai faborite movie…”I hate waiting”…but, all good things come to those who wait…as long as those who wait work like heck while they are waiting!!…wait…whut??

  5. Aifinkso dat Ben’s response iz da reasun why hii iz called “Grated Cheez”.
    Ben: you iz da bestest. Fankies muchly.
    Cween: fankies fur da Cryer pages.

  6. An elegant solution, Ben. Many thanks.


    Iz a elephant sewlooshun, O Grated Cheez! Menny fankees!

    *…is good to be bilingual…*

  7. Ohai, Ben, and minny minny fankees for taking time fur us. Ifn yoo are needing editors, ai am needing a job. Haz teh eggsperience wif being moderated, being a Listener in teh Tea Room, and rallying support fur my tr0ll in enny forum. Pleez to consider? I makes teh funny LOLs, too. Minny Fankees,

  8. not only is {{{Ben}}} a reel hoomin, and wun that carez abowt his peeps — he iz alsew that most rare of breedz, a biznizman whut duz nawt alwayz put the benjamin$ nawt-sekkund. as ai have lurned. 🙂

    (ai rememberz him tellin funny story how his parentz duz nawt “get” how he can make ANY munnies this way, and keeps askin, “u needz munnies?”)

    u might want to get that cough checked out, tho.

  9. Thanks so much, Ben, for actually listening and acting upon suggestions and comments in a constructive manner that will help bring the whirld of cheez back together.

  10. Thanks, Ben of the Big Cheese Network! I’m looking forward to my “mini ICHC” and to the surprise. Is it there yet? Is it? Huh? Wot about nao? Nao?

  11. YayYayYay! Graitid Cheez iz grait! *clappity clappity* Beeeeeeeeeeeg hug fur {{{{{{Ben}}}}}}. Cheezpeepz jus wanna haz teh fun n WIN! okthxbai~~~

  12. wut ai wanna no iz diss: why there iz no grated cheez/hedd cheez/ben dolly for snorgeling porposes? 😐

  13. Oh! nowez ai getz why dere are so fewe comintz lately, glad tew see itz getin fixted.
    I concur, erm, conPURRR wif awl of U who applawd Ben n Cween! (I been on rode n halpin
    mi dauwghtur get moovd tew MineapLOLis, hasn’t hurd awl teh deTAILs.) I still, despite
    teh glitches, maintain that we are all so hugely BLEST to have this site, the GRATED
    CHEEZ an hiz minions, and EACH OTHER! I’ve now purrsonally visited cross country w. over half a dozen incredible new frendz, all from ICHC!

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