Gud Newz frum deh Hed Cheez!

Lukkee wut just landinged in mai inbox!!

Hi CweenMJ,

We’re making another tweak to help with the commenting on ICHC. We currently review EVERY comment that contains links to make sure it’s not spam or troll-y.  But the down-side is that it holds up discussion sometimes (as you all know).
We’ve made a change to the system so that comments containing just ONE link will not be automatically held for moderation just because it has a link in it. The comment may still be held for other reasons by the spam filter, but at least this way, we can allow all of you to comment a little more freely.
Please feel free to let others know!

4 thoughts on “Gud Newz frum deh Hed Cheez!

  1. This is indeed wonderful!! Remember how we used to post a link to a song that was apropos to the topic – and it popped up at once.

    Halcyon days – and I hope this is a start to them coming back.

    They simply did too many things that made it much less fun.

    Good news indeed! Made my day! There’s hope yet. Hooray! 😉

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