Playing Nice

Ohai peepz!

In Cheezland, ower onlyest rool am tu playing nice.  Cheezland iz such a wundermous plaec adn ebbryone shud feel welcome tu come adn playing.  Adn I must say, dat wii keep it a truly gud and fun plaice.  But occasionally, deh ebil “F” werd popz up.  I nawt b talking abowt “furst”, but “fugly.”

Ai dun fink enneewun heer reeelllly b meaningz to hurt ennywunz feelings but meebe cheezpeeps forgetz that der are many different cheezpeepz libbing here.

Ebbrydai cheezpeepz uploadifyingz deh pixorz uf their precious kittehs hoping to mebbe seeing demz on teh frunt page of ICHC. And every dai cheezpeepz submit capshuns for teh enjoyment of cheezland. Teh odds uf getting eiver on teh frunt page seems about gazillion tu wun. So it must being reelly, reelly eggsiyting tu log in an see ur fur babeh’s pixor dhere.

And tehn tu eggsitedly open deh comments and seeing dat deh cheezpeeps r nawt making clever remarks about teh capshun or kitteh, but insted r saying meen fings about teh couch or teh curtains or uzzer furnishingz!!   Thatz gotta hurt!  Plz tu rmember dat sumwun hoo haz rescueinged deh kittehs frum teh streets mebbee dun care so muchez abowt updating deh fashun decor cuz derez elebenty kittehz horkin up harbles on dem enywaze.

It takings meny cheezpeeps werking togezzer to make cheezland deh wundernous plaic it b in addishun to teh commenters who put together teh fanciful whirld below teh lolz.  Plz tu nawt fergetting dat dere am a reel person hoo postifyinged deh pixor adn hoo will reeding deh commentz. Wii am awl a part uf cheezland.


27 thoughts on “Playing Nice

  1. Hear hear mai Cween! Datz wun ub deh reezins ai onlee putted teh wun pixor ub mai kitteh-gurl on mai fyle. Ai fotted ef sumbunny sedded sumfeen meen abowt hur, ai wuud juss die..(Rite aftur ai killded dem..) So fankeez fur da remymder….kepe up teh guud werk!!

    • I hear that gunnersmama! When I put some pics of my kittehs in my profile someone made a “lol” that said ‘ugly kitty’, that made me sad. My girls are beautiful, to me anyway. Someone else made one that said ‘I burp your pants’ which I just didn’t get at all (probably just as well).

    • Nuffing Ai ownz is moar impurrtant tahn mai kittehs! If mai famblee oar frenz donut laik mai furnishings, tehy nawt has tu coem ober. STN.

  2. as all ways, mai leej, U is otter lee correct. Ai saw sum cow mints liek tihs last wiik and thoted “is not fugly, is snuggly!” Wii is awl diffrnt an wundermus heer in Cheezland, an wii as at hour best wen wii plays nice wif each otter.

  3. Anom, sister, anom!

    It makes me cringe sometimes, especially (not usually on the kitteh page, but even there sometimes) when a human is in the picture or video with their kitteh or goggie and folks start commenting on their appearence in not nice ways. We all come in different shapes and sizes, we all like different decor, some of us live in fancy houses and some of us live in apartments or, like me, in a crap shack mobile home 😉 . And thank CC for that, it would be a pretty boring world if we were all alike. Just because you don’t like someone’s couch or their appearence or whatever else it is, well, it doesn’t automatically give anyone the right to bash anyone else.

    • {{{{{{{bluesfan473}}}}}}}
      And fankees, my cween, fur pointing this out.
      bf, there were some awful namecallings on a recent lol, wif
      *trailer trash” being one ub the names. I posted several times to please stop judging peeps on where they live, and to please stop the name calling. I called upon peepuls to pleez be nice, that informative discourse works better wifout the ugliness, but donut finkso ennybody cared wut liddul sunny had to say.
      But! I tried!♥

  4. Now you are mah cween also! You are wise and beautiful. Please start a website for the proletariats and their well loved furry children.

  5. mai gramma awlwayz said, “Play nice adn stai kleen”…or wuz it, “Stai nice adn plai kleen…” ezzer wai, Cheezland iz a verrie spechul plaice, adn wee awl make it dat wai.

  6. O yes ower cween, yew sed it purrfekly, adn bluesfan sed it too – we amz awl difrent (wud be bery borin whirld iffen we awl teh saym) adn taht maeks cheezland a wunnerful plaes too – tohse hoo maek nawt-nais cawmints shud rember taht “it gowes arownd” …..

  7. Ai sew agree!!! An ai has teh hyoooojlee more respectifications for sumwun wif old scratched furnichurs and happy healthy kittehs and doggies than for sumwun wif teh latest fashuns who dun let the aminals have teh freedoms of teh house.

    An ai iz teh same way, Catsablanca! If sumbunny nawt like a lite coating of fur on pretty much ebberfing, dun come to mah house!

  8. I agree as well. As an interior designer, I feel that there are no “ugly” fabrics/couches/colors, only unfortunate combinations. I also understand that what looks good to one person may not be another’s cup of tea.
    Kudos to you cweenmj for taking a stand against petty judgements!

  9. Oh no, ai haz susch a sad. Aifinkso last week dere wuz a konversashun abowt sumbuddy’s floofy bed cover adn ai partisapated in a “slam”. Ai feelz so bawd, and to anyone that wuz hurt by this, pleez tu eggsept my very sincere apologies. U shud see some of the stuff in my house!!!! Honest, pleez tu take teh hugz {{{peeps}}} and I will never do it again. Haz a sad, and putz maiself in teh time owt spawt for, like elebenty hours.

    • {{{{TTC}}}}, nuffin wrong wif a lil gentul fun-poakin, tahts teh cheezland wai! Wat ai wuz tawkin bowt iz teh fowks wat goe wai oberbord er maik purrsonal remarks bowt uvvers apperence. Sorree iffen ai wuzznt kleer er maid aneewun feel bahd, ai dint meen tew!

    • {{{{TTC}}}} T’was mi kitteh and floofy bed cuvvers in teh picshur. I was happitail eggsighted to get my capshun and my kitteh’s picshure on ICHC so ai had a sad when ai read some uf teh comments.

      I appreshiate ur apology and ai don’t want u to feel bad. Ur a gud cheezpeep and ai knows u dinnit mean to hurt enyone. U dinnit ebben say enyfing bad. T’wer just teh “fugly” werd thet kinda hurt.

      I’m berry grateful that teh cween did say sumfin about it because I donut want enyone else’s feelings to get hurt. Is gud to have a lil reminder that it’z fellow cheezpeeps who post teh picshures and they read teh comments, too.

      **Cattails takes TTC by teh paws and duz teh happitail dans dans dans** No moar time-owts for teh kittehs. {{{{{Cheespeeps}}}}}

      • Ohai Cattails *eggstends floofy paw ob frenship, and dans dans dans in a circol* u am soo berry nise to eggsept mai apology. Ai am glad our Cween wrote teh reminder cawse we forget sumtymes dat we may hurt uvvers feelings wiffowt meening to. Yu are teh wunnermus, and ai give you hyooj congrats for your LOL. Ai hope tu see menne mores frum yu! *Comez owt from time-owt wif a happy happy danse danse with Cattail*

      • TTC and Cattails…ai too haz sed a meen thing recently. When I aplologized and offered friendship, she forgibbed me and haz become the sweetest, most accepting friend I could ever imagine. I appreciate her friendship moar, knowing the cost of it, for bofe ub us.

        Forbibbeness iz also the ICHC way, and I encourage any and awl to not hesitate win yoo haz sed a bad thing, and to graciously accept if a peep aplologizes tew yoo. Those are the incidents that can cement the strongest bonds in cheesland; altho I am NOT advocating hurting somewone to make them yur friend!

        Hurting and being hurt are bofe pleh, but! Both can heel and pass wif aplologies and forgivvings.

        Thank you for listening, and have peaceful hearts.♥

  10. Another thing that is easy to forget is that cheezpeeps come here from all over the world, and some words, phrases, gestures, and such which are perfectly acceptable in one part of the world may be terribly offensive in another, and the poster may not even realize it. For example, I’ll bet very few Americans (my country) are aware that our gesture for “peace” is considered a terrible insult in TTI!!! (I was shocked to read this.) I am saying this because I am afraid I may have made this mistake a time or two (not the “peace” gesture, but other expressions). If I have, I am very sorry and did not mean to offend anyone. If it happens again in the future, please point it out to me so I can learn. {{{{{{all cheezpeeps}}}}}}.

    • {{{Coyoteman}}} Iz very troo! When ai moobed to TTS (Teeny tiny Scotland) back in teh Pleistocene era when ai was yung, ai wuz in a groop of peoplols talkings to each otter. Wun of teh guise suddenly said a phrase tat made me fink he was mad. Turns awt ober der it wuz just a colorful way to say he wuz leaving teh rooms! We hads a gud laff abawt it later. Ai agrees tat wii needs to be sens…sness..sinst…thotful abawt such fings — bof in tryings nawt to say dem, but awlso in tryings nawt to take off fences if sumwun habs made an innocent mistake. Dat wai it cans be fun to learns abawt otter traditions frum otter plaices!

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