Miniminsmumz Loss

Hai cheezfrenz, ai haz a big sad. Yesterdai ai lerned taht mai Auzzie had been runned ober abowt wun munf ago wen seh disapeerd. Ai nawt rite enneh moar, ai haz a big hole in mai hart.


66 thoughts on “Miniminsmumz Loss

  1. ((((((((((Miniminsmum))))))))))))) No werdz am ablol to spress teh payne ub luuzin a bebeh.
    Yoo en mah fots. An renemberz da Nitewatchman habz her sayfe en himz armz.

  2. Hoodj sadsadsad for MMM, cant see proply to taip coz of teers. Finking of her adn sendin hugz adn beems {{{{{MMM adn Auzzie}}}}

  3. Ai iz sowwy beyond werds. Sending yoo hyoooooj hugs and lubs. Remember dat teh love nebber leaves us, your Auzzie is yours yesterday, today, and always. Mai iis are leaking for yoo.

  4. Oh, dearest, i am sorry to hear that. I hold you in my heart, and ask the LORD to comfort you.
    {{{{{{{{{{{{Minimin’s mum}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
    All my love—janey (altosinger)

  5. Auzzie will close that hole in your heart and stay in it forever. “We do not remember days, we remember moments” ~ Cesare Pavese. May your memories of happy moments with your sweet Auzzie give you comfort at this difficult time. And remember, she’s playing in the meadow, waiting for you at the bridge.

    • Thank you for the beautiful words! I have many happy moments to remember. Thinking of Auzzie playing happily in the meadow makes things just a tiny bit easier for me.


    • Funneh yu shud sai taht.. Frawsty adn Auzzie played lawts togevver, nao he kums in eberee nite adn nawt staiz owt lyke he did. Praps he iz indede missin her. Fankees so much fur teh hugs


  6. Ai am sew sowree fur yur loss adn ai hopez yur hart will be filled
    wif happee memoreez ob yur sweet Auzzie.

    {{{{{{Miniminsmum}}}}}} {{{{{{{Auzzie}}}}}}}

    • Fankees, ai fink we kannot be sad fur ebber. She haz left menneh, menneh happee memrees to slowlee tayk awai teh sadz.


  7. {{{{{{{{{{Miniminsmum & Aussie}}}}}}}}}}
    Mai hart goze owt tu yu. Wi lubs ower floofeh bebeehs soh much adn eech wun am soh preshis adn cannawt ebur bi replaised. It am soh hard wen dey goes awai. Ai bi soh sowree dis happind. Mai ais leek fur yu adn yur sweet Aussie.

    • Tihs iz so troo, we lubs tehm adn tehy gibs us so much in retern, we nebber wantz to losing tehm. Sumtiems we nawt getz wat we wants. Fanks fur yur kynd wurds.


  8. It always hurts so much to say goodbye to our fur bebehs but I gotta think this way must be one of teh hardest. My heart goes out to you.

  9. Please accept my condolences on the loss of your Auzzie. We all know that pain is the price we pay for loving. I know your heart is broken but someday you will think of your Auzzie and tears will be from the love & laughter you shared.

    So very sorry.

    • Thank you for yur thoughtful words which echo those which say “Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all”. I wouldn’t have missed my time with Auzzie for anything in the world.


  10. {{{{MMM an Auzzie}}}}}
    teh lubs u gibd is teh most important fing – u gibd him a luving fureber home while u could, and now hims waiting for you obr teh Bridge. u r in mai thots.

    • Iz troo taht ai gave Auzzie awl teh lubs ai cud, adn the lubs shown by teh cheezpeeps iz reminding me hao importint lub iz fur us awl.


  11. No matter how often I learn of our friends who have lost their beloved kittehs – it makes me have teh leekee aeiz every taim.

    No matter how it happens to lose them, but when they’ve been missing, and we so hope they will be coming home any day – and keep looking for them to come trotting up the walk and meowing at the door . . . it somehow seems just a bit harder.

    I’m so sorry for this. I know how big the hole is in your hart rite naow – and it will get a little better. Just know we are all overflowing with sympanthy and so wish we could make it other wise. {{{{{{{mimiminsmum}}}}}}}}

    • Eben nao ai iz catchin maiself luuking owtside fur teh littlol tabbeh fayce at teh doar, adn lissening fur teh skritchskritchskritching saying “ai wantz to kumming in”, altho it will be fyve weeks tomorro since Auzzie disappeerd. Butt we had fyve yeers of lubs adn snorgles adn fun adn larfing (adn sum frytes, butt tehy is part of life too) adn fur taht ai will alwaiz be graytful.

      Reedin awl tehse kommint haz gibbon me teh leekee aize again too, butt taht is part of heeling adn ai iz so gratful fur awl the sympathee yu haz shown to me.


  12. So sorry for your loss, Minnimumsmum. It is the most sad, but it is better than never knowing what happened to the Auzzie.(?) I think you will meet again, that’s the bottom line with all the tears and sad when you lose a sweet furry bebbeh you love. My sympathies dear.

  13. Miniminsmum, I went out as soon as I read this, and whispered Auzzie’s name to all the kittehs I have, and then I whispered it to the wind, and they all scattered and took Auzzie’s name out to the world, so all of creation can know and sorrow with you. Know that Auzzie will be remembered always and forever now, for the wind will take her name to the stars, and when the stars sing their music, it will be in her honor. My heart sorrows with yours. Many hugs and lubs and beams.

    • Thank you MamaCat, your words touched me very much. Now I know Auzzie iz looking down from the stars, and running with the wind and will always be part of the great universe.


    • Fankees lunarmommy, after hoaping fur foar weeks it woz indede hard to lern taht she woz nawt kumming bak!


  14. {{{{{{{♥miniminsmum♥}}}}}}}

    Sweets, I am so so so sawry. Ifn yoo will let us, teh cheezpeeps, share it out among us, mebbee will make your pain smaller, and make your rememberance of the good times bigger and more precious. I will take part of your pain, ifn you let me, and halp to be holding Auzzie in my heart, so her memory can spread, and grow larger. Iz a sad, heartbreaking thing, I will hold you both in my heart. ♥

    • Teh lubs adn shayring wiv teh cheezpeeps haz made it eezier fur me to get froo tihs last week, eech dai a bit eezier, eech dai teh memoreez sweeter. Fankyu, sunny, fur yu kynd wurds adn fur yur support, it meens so much to me.


  15. ((((((((((miniminsmum)))))))))) Ai haz a bigg sadd fur yew – Ai jus reedz dis nooz an maeks mee feelz berry berry badd fur yew! Ai haz losted tew furbabeez, wun blak an wun wite, wun yung an wun oldz, butt(!) it hurtz jus teh sayme. Ai jus tink uv tehm frolikkin on teh raynebow bridj tegedder an Ai feelz a liddul bedder. Hoep yew ar nawt tew sadd!

    • Fank yu fur teh wurds ov simpafee. Ai too had a Sasha kitteh hoo crawst teh bridj too yeers ago, she woz 17. Auzzie woz onlee 5. Tehy eech haz tehyr place in mai hart adn ai know tehy ar togevver nao, playing adn sleepin in teh sun, adn taht mayks me feel nawt kwite so sadd.

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