LOLification Skedyule

Dis b kumming tu us frum deh Grated Cheez himself, Ben Huh. Fankeez, Ben!

O HAI Cheezfrenz,

This is our new posting schedule on We wanted to share this with you so that there’s more regularity (No fiber needed!) in your lives on ICHC. We ended the day with a captioned LOL, so that it can be a gathering place. We also didn’t want to affect the posting times of the captioned LOLs since that seemed important for many people, but we’re open to suggestions.

This is what you’d call a 90% schedule. If there is super viral content, the editor will go ahead and post outside of this schedule, so occasionally there might be a post that doesn’t fit within this schedule depending on what the Intertubes are serving up.

(skedule deleted)



EDIT::::  Ben haz sent a revised schedule!!

Based on feedback, we have a revised schedule. We’ll begin using this schedule this week. IMPORTANT: As I mentioned before, if there’s viral content happening, we may add a post outside or in addition to these times.

(All times Pacific Time)
12am: Cyoot Kitteh picture of the day
3am: Captioned LOL (regular lol)
5am: Video
6am: Captioned LOL (regular lol)
8am: Animated GIF
9am: Captioned LOL (regular lol)
11am: Extra content (content will vary on what timely content is going around so can be video, gif, news story, etc)
12pm Captioned LOL (regular lol)
1:30pm: Extra content (content will vary on what timely content is going around so can be video, gif, news story, etc)
3pm Captioned LOL (regular lol)
4pm: Extra content (content will vary on what timely content is going around so can be video, gif, news story, etc)
5pm: Captioned LOL (regular lol)
7pm: Comic
9pm: Video

4 thoughts on “LOLification Skedyule

  1. WOW ! Fank yu oh, gr8 cheezmasterBen ! cud ai makea sujestyon ? ai hear dat morandmor peeps are banned frum da internet at werk (ai dont unnerstand WHY ! Duz da boss fink yu b werkin awl da tyme ?! geez !) so ifn dey b livin on da left side ob da countree der b no LOL’s fur dem to b doin at home inda ebening cud we b habin a LOL at, say 7pm n mayb 10 pm pac tyme ? they would b accessible to awl da usa peeps and da 10pm izzat 6 am tti tyme- so da europeeps cud comment too.
    and it would spred owt da fun a widdle bit. Fanks fur lisnen Ben !

    • Heer heer! Fankees, Sparkysmom – frum sumwun eben fervour owt ov teh tiem capsyool – in Auz.

      Fankees berry muchlee, Ben an teem! Aifinkso ur doin a grate jawb. 🙂

  2. myster Huh

    ai lurks wif happy face and joiful noise like laughin mots daiz. commeznts alwazye maide purr PacTime, way be4e I logon on Eass Coas. iz tew late 4 mez 2 join conversashun. wil bee bedder 4 mee wif nue skedule. mini dank use 4 teh chainge.

  3. Thank you, Ben. You have been a good cheezleader and a troo heart, and I appreciate awl that you do, especially taking time for us when we are crabby! Your recognizance of our needs and wishes is inspirational! {{{{{Ben}}}}}

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