DC Cheezmeet in Early October

O hai, guise.

Sorry for kinda-sorta short notice, but can we has a hedcount for a possible Cheezmeet in teh DC area (probably at the Stray Cat Cafe in Arlington, VA) on Sunday, October 3? Catena will be in town, and mabye we can entice some of teh farther-out peeps in Virigina and Maryland to join us. U know who u are.

Plz to reply here or to lolcatburglar@gmail.com within the next few days. Catena needs to know whether to come for Sunday or just for her Monday bizness stuffs.


4 thoughts on “DC Cheezmeet in Early October

  1. from awl da pics I’b seen ob da cheezmeetz frum awl ober da whirld, it appears da proper attire bee t-shirts and shorts in da sumer, an da t-shirts and jeans inna winter ! ifn i eber get tew go to one, (sigh) i will bring pics ob mi aminals an widdle prezzees i make at home for awl da cheezeepeeps who show up.

  2. Ooooh, ooooh! I vote for a Cheezmeet on teh Sunday. I promise I will not bring Aurelia dog to the Stray Cat Cafe. But she will insist on a doggie bag.

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