Altosinger’s Husband

Frum mai emayo inbox:

Just a reminder that Scott’s chemo starts on the 23rd—it is instilled into the bladder itself, so we avoid the worst of the side effects. The first time they told us about it, the nurse said “installed” in stead of “instilled”, and my mental picture had something to do with monkey wrenches and power tools! Oops. But in any case, please keep us in your prayers, folks–i continue to pray for you when i hear of things needing prayer, even when i don’t write.
Love you all bunches—janey (altosinger)


17 thoughts on “Altosinger’s Husband

  1. ((((altosinger and hubby)))) Mai fawts iz wif yew, even tho we has nawt yet met in Cheezland. I askin’ CC tu help yew maek it fru dis difficult tyme.

  2. Sendin a speshul floofy wand to swoosh away teh baaad efex of teh chemoh, to mayk it werk adn kil teh all teh bad celz, adn to mayk all teh docters adn noyses adn teckneeshuns do teh bestest job eber in taykin kare ub u, Scott.
    Big {{{{{Scott and Janey}}}}}}!!!

  3. Thanks to you all—encouragement is such a wonderful thing! He is on Auntie-Depressants, and is feeling better, by the way. It’s a good thing–we are both getting more sleep. Thank you all again–
    Love you bunches—janey (altosinger

  4. Beeemitybeemitybeems set on high for you and hubby, with many prayers to the Boss of CC. Iz sew hard to go frew chemo, and to watch somwun go frew chemo. Prayers for strengf for bof uv yoo!

  5. sending mega-heeling beemz from CalliFornia


  6. U has bin tehre fur sew mennee otter peeps. Naow it is hour turn to send u beems uv heeling and support for u and your hubcat. ai am shur tehre is mennee peeps owt tehre hoo is nawt responding to tihs butt finkng bowt u just teh same.
    {{{{janey and teh hub}}}

  7. Thank you to all again. It helps so much to hear the encouragement! As Charlie Brown once said, “I need all the help I can get!”
    Love you all of you! —janey

  8. O ai haoping awl going wel!! Am dis teh kinda chemo dat suppressifize ur blud cownts? Hoaping Scottzes stayz upp soe teh kemo goze bye fastfastfast!

    {{{{{{{{Altosinger & Hubcat}}}}}}}}}

    • No, darlin’–it just goes into the bladder proper; it’s not IV and so we escape the worst of the possible side effects. Now, he’s not going to be a very happy camper; imagine a 6-week UTI! But it won’t poison his entire system, praise GOD. It could be SO much worse. He starts Thursday at about 9:30 AM PDT. Please keep up the prayers; thanks to the Auntie depressant the anxiety is not overwhelming him, but it is there. Peace, grace, and any other goodies like that would be most helpful–and especially the joy of the LORD that is our strength. Thank you, sweetheart. i do appreciate it!
      Love you bunches! –janey

    This is week two; so far, no side-effects. They warned us he might be tired, but with all the other health thingies going on, how could we tell? We went to the Central Washington State Fair on Friday the 20-somethingth–i think 4th–and had a good time; we went the next night as well because the fair admission paid for the Guess Who concert, and had a nice time then as well. But we are not seeing anything untoward. His white count is up a little, but he has been having a minor flare-up of the colitis. I need to make him oatmeal for breakfast (we don’t know why it works, just that it works) a couple days in a row, and that will take care of that. Otherwise, things are good. Your prayers are helping! Please keep them up!
    Thank you all!
    Love you lotses! —janey (altosinger)

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