Babeh Shower

cweenmj says:

Cormgranulashingz, BF!!

I hopez u nawt mind if I hangz dis notiss up heer!

Heer Ye, Heer Ye!!!

Zelkina am habbing a bebbeh dat am due on Oct 8.

Tu halp hur preparifying fur dis wunnermuz event, dhere will b a BABEH SHOWER in onner uv deh liddlol gui on Friday, Sept. 17th at deh 9am lol.

Plz tu bringing wuteber u finso shii will b needing tu raizing dis boi in deh proper cheezland wai. And dekkerashunz. And nomz. And refreshing bevridgez.

09:00 am Cheezez Time (PDT)
10:00 am Mowntin Time (MDT)
11:00 am Sentril Time (CDT)
12:00 pm Eestern Time (EDT)

5:00 pm TTI Time (BST)
4:00 am Kiwi Time (NZST)
2:00 am Eestern Auz Time (Australian EST)

Wii now returnz u tu ur regular LOLifications.


3 thoughts on “Babeh Shower

  1. ohai! fankyu fur purrbideeng teh teim kahnvurzhunz, mai Cween! Ai sendid maisef uh emayo at irl wurk so ai can has braik at 9am too joyn teh pahrtee! Whee!!! Behbeez!

    wkm n Maya

  2. ai just wanted tew say a massive, massive fank yew to awl teh cheezepeeps and lurkers who attendifyed mi babbeh shower. it wuz berry touching tew see the amount of gud wishes and affections being sent my wai. ai will try and update yew as soon as i am able when little man arrives!

    Thanks again, and much luv tew yew awl

    Zelkina xxxxx

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