Zelkina am Gonna b Bizzy

zelkina says:

dis gunna b lawng announcemint, sew u bettur be sittin cumfurrtably!

sum of u may kno, ai wurks inna call centre….is berry pleh an borning, an ai has had enuffs. ai decided dat dis tyme while ai is on maternity leave wud b best tyme tew re-evaluate what ai wanted tew do wid my life, career wise.

ai decidered ai wanted a moar hands on job, wun were ai has tew fink on mai feets more. ai got a flyer threw teh door a feew weeks back about re-trainin as a plumber, elektrician, etc. sew ai sent off furr maor info.

Afturr a few mettings and phonecawls, yew are lukin at teh newest memburr on a 3 yr course to train as a plumber! :P


21 thoughts on “Zelkina am Gonna b Bizzy

  1. eggsulent ! yu will be set for life! tee-hee let me share a liddle story- when ai was a widdol girl my fambly went to visit my aunt (mommehs sister). she and her hubby an der 4 kidlets lived inna big house wif lotsa glass brick walls an lights set on dimmers, a huge fireplace, etc. the kids had their own separate building, with intercoms between their rooms and “the big house” WOW ! I was impressed! (plus dey hadda BIG goggie whom i lubbed) plus my aunt didnt even work. Onda weigh hoem i axed my daddy “Daddy, what does uncle Bud do?” an he said, “your uncle is a plumber”. now the thing is that my daddy had advanced degrees from Stanford university and he worked for the county, and my muvver worked, too. But we didnt have glass brick ora big house. So i said,”I fink yu wasted your time inna school!” Every body laughed at me.
    as Peg said- there will always be work ! Plus I fink yu will like helping peeps- an ebery day will be different- nawt boring!
    Maybe yu cud work for da “roto-rooter” peeps- ai saw der big boss onda “undercover boss” program, he issa nice guy ! Gud lukkies to you ! study hard, lern much!

  2. Congrratulations! That sounds like like LOTS of fun. The only thing is, make sure you have a good chiropractor–ya gotta get into some strange positions to fix some of those pipes! And as my husbear reminds everyone–the first step in changing out a faucet is: TURN OFF THE WATER!
    Proseper and be in health, even as your soul prospers, sweetie!
    Love you lotses! –janey (altosinger)

  3. Conga-rats on making the big leap. I’ve done it several times in my life. It’s always scary. And three months after you start, you realize you’re not scared any more. I really love it when some takes on a big challange. All the best.

  4. Yaaaaaaay!! Gudgudgud for you! Ai hopes yoo will be flush wif success and dis nawt a pipe dream at awl! Iz hard to wrench self out of old ways but yoo haz dun it and we has a big proud of yoo! Ai means, fawcet, yoo wuz nawt happee in teh call center, so iz times to bail. Yoo iz brave and reddy to takes teh plunger! Nao, don’t lets teh studying drain yur energies too much…

    We iz awl cheering yoo on!

  5. menny, menny takies Cheezepeeps.

    As ai sed, nao wuz my tyme to sit an fink about what ai wanted tew do wid my life. I didnt wanna spend anuvver 4 1/2 years doin teh mind numbing and borifying job i was doing nao.
    i wanted sumfing more hands on, sumfing dat means ai had to think awn my feet each day an nawt sit dere repeating the same fing over an over!
    If ai hadn’t got teh place on dis course, ai wud have gone back to college next year to study motor mechanics, so a change wuz definately on teh cards. ai didn’t wanna luk back in ten years and fink “what a waste that was, that was a golden oppourtunity”

    my partner could nawt be prouder of me, he has been encouraging me the whole way and giving me teh support to make the decision. Nawt sure what rest of famblee finks yet….havent told them!

  6. ai awl sew wurked in a call center yeers ago, sew ai nose wut u meen! U wil awl ways has wurk, aifinkso!Is awesum taht u is taking charge uv yor life tihs wai. is awlso awesum tahtyur partner is supportuifying U. The famblee wil bee suportive too. Even if nawt rite awai, teh furst time u uinclog teh disposal at a big famblee dinr – u wil bee teh hero!

  7. Mai mostest faborite plummer iz a guy hoo kame out onna Labordai weekend wenn ai haz tew sikked goggehs (one a biiiig Chow!) adn no waddur tew kleenup da hu-ginormouse mess. U will bee doin berri important wurkz, adn dribin a fancee truck! Adn peeps will lub U! Liek we do!

  8. Dat am wunnerful! Ai haz a envious ub yoor courage tu make dis big change.
    (Ai’z nawt very gud wif mai hands, butt(!) had great times halping wif projects in teh country cabins – stapling insulation onto bottom ub one, involving sliding on mai back on plastic sheeting bc crawl space so shallow & putting somekinda styrofoamy insulation around teh bottom ub a toilet.)
    Feels so gud tew accomplish somefink tangible. Also, yoo sleeps gud from teh activity!
    Best ub luck tew yoo.

  9. Um… cud u hab a lukk at mai toylitt sisturn plz? Srsly, dat sowndz liek a gud chaynj frun cawl sentur. Mai nees an hur huzbing werk 2 gevver az plummerz – iz a balublol fing 2 du! Best uv lukk!

  10. What a brilliant thing to do! It always annoys me when people complain about their life/job/whatever BUT DON’T DO ANYTHING TO CHANGE IT!!! I hope you become a bore to your baby everytime he/she complains about not liking school/work/etc and you tell him/her this story for the umpteenth time!

  11. WTG, Zelkina! I’ve made this leap a couple of times, bailing on absolutely horrible jobs, and its scary, but so worth it. I will never forget driving away from one place, giving double fingers and laughing my butt off. I’ve also been fired twice, which is enough for me. I’ve been looking for something low-stress, minimal physical, high paying, good benefits. Any takers? LOL

  12. Gud luk wiv tihs nyoo projekt – yu wil nebber be owt ov a jawb, adn it will be berri intresting wurk adn meetin lawts ov peeps, adn nebber boaring! Yu haz mayd teh rite disishun!

  13. I hope you have a great sense of humor to help you in your new endeavor! Please drop me a line in the near future . rose.ann.schulz@gmail.com (Master plumber who prefers the country jobs, now working a pleh pharmaceutical job, thinking about plumbing again) As one inspector said to me,” Women plumbers add grace to the industry.”

  14. Concatshoelaces, Zelkina — dat beez full uv win an awsum! Once you are licensed, you might be amazed at the kind of jobs that open up to you. I found out last year that there is one female plumber at Disneyland in California. It’s nice to have her around ’cause if there is a plumbing problem in one of their ladies’ restrooms, they have the female plumber work on it & they don’t have to shut down the whole restroom. One of those things you don’t really think about much in day-to-day life.

    Good luck with both the baby & your new plumbing adventures!

  15. Wonderful Zelkina !!! Before you know it the time will have passed wit a kwikness and you’ll have a wonderful job! Congratz.

    Make sure you keep us up to date!

    Melissa sgt pepper and jujube

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