OldLurker am Neu Mommacat

Aww…… luk wut I gotted in mai emayoz frum dhe Old Lurker:

Ai ar a home helt nurs an a pay shent ai waz seein had 2 bebbeh (5? Weeks old) kittehs. Dey lib onna bery buzy street. Da momma kitteh waz goned an ai waz afeared about wat wud happen tu da ittie bitties. Ai askd hur perm ishion and taked dem home. Mai Zipper cat iz not amuzed. He haz been da king for four years. Ai hab da kittehs in da baffrum fur dere per texsion. Hubcat naymed dem Inky and Dinky. Dey r SO liddlol! Wish us luck!

Luv, Old Lurker


11 thoughts on “OldLurker am Neu Mommacat

  1. Good luck with the new itty bitty kitties! I think it’s real good there’s two to play together, might take the heat off Zipper, plus, he may get a lot of enterainment from their antics while setting up the pecking order. You are a kitty hero cheezpeep.{{{{{Old Lurker and fambly}}}}}

  2. Hooray for yoo! (Ai bets Ceiling Cat habs a hyoooooooooooj proud of yoo!) Gud luck wif awl teh intra-kitteh sorting awt of teh pecking order.

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