Announcemint of noo feechoor

OCM posted this on ICHC. It concerns a new feature in ICHC that enables you to find the user name of someone when you know their email address


Ai wont peeps tu sea tihs becos aifinkso itz berry impawtint. Did u noe dis waz happning?


16 thoughts on “Announcemint of noo feechoor

    • As far as I can see there is no way to opt out at the moment. The cheezes have been told that we DO NAWT WANT. I think it is fairly unlikely that anyone who does not post here could find out your username, but it is just possible, so the cheezes have been told of our concern. No-one can find your email address from your profile or your username – that is a promise from the cheezes.

      • yes but anyone who knows your email – such as your employers – could, if this change goes through, search for your profile and find all the things you said about your boss, your colleagues, the company you work for, etc…which you thought you’d made in confidence, as it was hidden behind the anonymity of your username, but in fact has now become painfully public.
        A longshot, maybe, but would you like your employment put in jeopardy by a silly website about cats?!

      • Anyone trying to find your username would have to have an ICHC account, but I agree that anything that makes us feel less safe here is definitely not wanted and I have told the cheezes that. Please add your objection through the comment facility to the cheezes.

  1. I iz worried dis has potenshul to be introosive and nawt safes.

    Why do peoplols who invent technlologies always seems to feel iz ok to force fings on us dat makes keeping teh privacy more and more difficults?

  2. i nawt b ‘fraid ub dis new fing. it seems to me that what we have heer iz a thing where, ifn sumbody awlreddy noes yu, (by knowing yur e-mail addy) they can find yur ichc user name., which to me is ok. my werk peeps (boss, etc) only know my werk e-mail addy, nawt my purrrsonal e-mail addy, so dey cant find my ichc name.
    naow der b sumfin yu guys sayed i doant unnerstand. letz say sumone does get yur ichc user name- dey cant den axcess awl yur comments can dey ?

    • They will know your ICHC identity and could, in theory go back and find your comments. I think that the danger is more perceived than real, as the likelihood of someone going to all that trouble seems remote to me, but anything that makes even some people feel less safe posting on ICHC, is a bad thing, I think. It does not worry me personally, but I can understand some people’s unease about it.

      • I agreez, Anni.

        It am possible, but highly unlikely (nawt tu mention time consuming) fur sumwun tu go thru awl deh LOLz looking fur commentz frum sumwun. Take it frum sumwun hoo haz gone on searches fur conversationz tu put in deh Lore & Legendz, even if u noez deh namez uv deh peepz involved, and deh subject, due tu deh vagariteez uv lolspeek, it am berry, berry difficult tu dig owt specific commentz!!!

        Deh messagez on deh profilez haz awlwayz ben public, tuu, so one shud awlwayz b aware dat deh whole whirrld can seeing dem. And, agin, it wud b extremely time consuming fur sumwun tu go back thru deh messagez and recontruct a conversation.

        Plz tu also see mai thotz on the following post,

    • If you google a user name and “cheezburger”, now, you will get a number of comments made by that username!

      CweenMJ has posted a long set of instructions on how to create a new email address and change your username to that email, but why should we? Why do we have to change, to suit some new feature we never asked for nor were even asked about?

  3. This makes me highly uncomfortable. If i wanted people to find me this way, I would have told them my username without giving them my email address….they don’t need to know that. I don’t give out my email address very often either. Another thing that concerns me is the amount of spam mail this could generate, as in random people who i dont really know trying to add me as friends on ICHC. Fair enough, be allowed to search for friends if you want to by their username, but I just don’t agree with people being able to find me by entering my email address.

    That, and with the amount of people getting in to trouble with friends/relatives/wrokplaces and work colleagues by adding a comment when you thought you were pretty much annonymous… many of us will be going back over every comment they’ve posted and omitting them/deleting parts etc?? I certainly wont…i didn’t sign up for this feature. We should have been asked about it before it was implimented, not after.

  4. I wrote to the cheezes and have had a reply. They acknowledge the concern many people have and will make it possible to opt out so that people can not find you if you don’t want them to. I agree with Ambercat that it would be too much to expect everyone who wanted to opt out to be obliged to change their email address here (and possibly their general one). It looks as if we have persuaded them to give us the option we wanted.

  5. Rite now deh Find frendz paige sez:


    Although our website has always allowed you to find friends using their email addresses, we understand this feature has raised some concerns. In response to your feedback, we will add a setting in your account that will allow you to choose whether or not others can search for you by email address. Stay tuned for more about that feature soon.

  6. thx ! and yet agin, thx tew our bewuved cweenee an anni, an der werk wif da gr8 cheezes, we habs our happi n safe pwace back !! fank yu guize !

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