Internet Privacy

There haz been sum discussion on ICHC ov deh feature in deh profilez dat letz u luk up a peepz ICHC name if u know their email address.

I wud like tu saying a few werds abowt dis.  There am differing opinionz on this.  Sum peepz like being able tu finding their frendz.  Sum peepz am nawt wanting tu b fownd. I am nawt offering an opinyun, I am going tu talking abowt how u kin deeling wif dis and other Internet Privacy issues.

Wut dis feature duz is fairly simple: u enter an email address and the program tells u if the person using that address has an ICHC account.  If they do, u get a link tu their profile.  If they don’t, u get a link that will invite them to join ICHC.  This is very similar to how you can find your friends on FaceBook and other social web sites. It iz nawt a reverse lookup; peepz can’t enter ur ICHC name and get ur email address.  Adn wen they git tu ur profile, dey am nawt automajically added az ur frend.  They haz tu rekwest tu b ur frend, and u can accept or ignore.

It can b a berry handy way to connect wif ur RL frendz hoo am on ICHC.  Fink uv awl deh teeny-bopperz hoo haz ee chudderz emayoz.  Dey can say tu dheir buddy, “Dood! U am on ICHC???  Mii tu!!  Kewl!!! ” But deh silly teeny-bopper furgitz tu asking himz Dood wut himz user name am.   But, deh teeny-bopper kin just enter Doodz emayo address and finding himz frend.

However, sum peepz nawt wanting peepz hoo noeing dem IRL tu know dey b on ICHC.  Like mebbee dey nawt wanting deh boss tu know how much time dey b spending on ICHC wen dey am at werk.  o.O

So wutz a peep tu du?

  • If u nawt wanting ur ICHC identity available tu ennywun hoo haz ur email address, u kin getting a different email address dat u usez fur ur ICHC login.  A common thing tu du iz tu use ur ICHC name wif a hotmail/gmail/yahoo account.  These are free accountz and u can get one in a matter of minitz.
  • Then, if u are noo tu ICHC,  u can use it tu set up ur ICHC account.
  • If u have already used ur “real” email address for ur ICHC login, go to your profile page and clik on “Account Info”, then enter the freebee account address and click “Save”.
  • After you have changed your address, your first comment will go to the moderators.

Now, wen ur boss goez looking fur u on ICHC and enters (example only) ur ICHC profile won’t b found bkuz ur profile b linked tu (example only).

Now,  a few werds about Internet privacy in general.  Nawt sekkond, deh internet noez more about yoo than u prolly want it tu.  There am menny sites dat will finding peepz.  If u knoes sumwunz name u kin enter it in a bazillion searcherz and finding owt peepz address, phone number, age, and more.  is full of personal info.  And it goes on and on.  Facebook (and other sites) have seachers that will go through your email address book and find matches tu peepz with accounts on their sites.

It am next to impossible to keeping ur email address private.  When peepz forward email (jokes especially) they often do not delete all the addresses in the email adn sendingz it tu awll their friends using the To: option instead of the BCC: option that hides addresses.

I have found it helpful to have several email addresses.  One that I keep private for use in ordering things, banking, paying bills, etc. online.  Another not so private one for friends and family to use to keep in touch.  And one very public address for my blogs.  They all get spam, but the public one gets about 15 to 45 spams a day, way more than my more private addresses.

Remember to keeping urself safe online. Bai using pseudonymz, peepz can pretend tu being sumfing they am nawt.  Donut giving owt private info to peepz u donut noeing.  Hab a healthy wariness uv peepz u meetz online……While Cheezmeetz am fun, b caushus – meet in public places, meet in groopz.

Fur moar info on Internet Safety, check owt dis webby site:


9 thoughts on “Internet Privacy

  1. Deh Cheeziz am making an opt owt function tu deh email finder. Rite now deh Find frendz paige sez:


    Although our website has always allowed you to find friends using their email addresses, we understand this feature has raised some concerns. In response to your feedback, we will add a setting in your account that will allow you to choose whether or not others can search for you by email address. Stay tuned for more about that feature soon.

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