Cheeziz Respond Wifakwikness!

Deh Cheezez haz added an opt out feature tu deh Finding Friendz bai E-Mail address!!!

u kin see deh full announcemint here:

Dis b deh highlitez:

For around two years, our website has allowed you to find friends using their email addresses.  This feature does not offer any new functionality, however it does make the existing functionality easier to use.

That being said, we understand your concerns and in response to your feedback are giving you more control over who can find your account.  We have added a setting in your account that allows you to choose whether or not others can search for you by email address.  If you wish to opt out, simply:

    • Click the “Account Info” link on your dashboard
    • Uncheck the box that says, “Allow others to search for me by email address in the Friend Finder”
    • Then hit “Save.”

Please keep in mind that the drawback of opting out of the email address search feature is that your friends may not be able to find you on Cheezburger.

Edit:  LCB haz maded us a kewl liddlol pixor uv dis:

5 thoughts on “Cheeziz Respond Wifakwikness!

  1. Ai did it! Ai did it! *…runs arawnd wifakwikness of joy at being ablol to use technlology…*

    Iz very simple. Fankees for teh eggsalad directions and pikshur!

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