KCT In Hospital

/lolspeek off/


Your prayers and beams are urgently needed for our cheesefriend KCT. I have had news from Cattails that KCT is in the hospital and having emergency surgery today, she has a terrible infection in her leg. I do not have any other info at this time but will pass along any news that I do receive. As you regulars know, KCT has been through awful health problems for a long time and now this. Please, please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.


38 thoughts on “KCT In Hospital

  1. KCT is beri-beri tuff, butt she also reelee apurrsheates teh support her has had frum teh ‘peeps thru her mennee ordeels.
    {{{{{{KCT and all teh wundermous peeps}}}}}

  2. I just got word that KCT is out of surgery and resting in her room. She is heavily sedated so I’ll wait a bit before visiting her this evening. I will pass along all ur beems of support. Wut Kvnsgrrl sed – it means teh whirled to her to know u are there for her. Fanks, Bluesfan for letting everyone know.

  3. hello, mai sister! Father, Thank You for my friend Tail-Kinker. I lift her up before You for rapid healing–complete healing, LORD. Thank you for all You are doing in and with her. Please bring her Your joy and comfort as well as anything else she may need. Thank You for doing these things, and i ask it in the mighty Name of Jesus—amen.

    I will continue to hold you up in prayer, dear one!
    Love you bunches! —janey

    • Janey, what a beautiful prayer. I’m kinda new and never learned cheezspeak (but I’m trying). I too will pray for fellow Cheezfriend KCT. I will keep her in my prayers. Some very good folks here in Cheez Town.

      May the Lord bless and bring KCT comfort and love.


  4. Oh, how I hope things are getting sorted out in the right way…hugs and beems.

    Ai am sending u a beautimoose floral display for your plaice ob recoberri…wiff da fragranz ov da lazt crisp summer rozes adn da noize ob da honeebeez …

  5. Love and furry hugs!!!
    Wrappin you up in a bankie of lub and good cheezpeep vibes! Sendin teh floofy wand that wen waybbe makes all teh pain go awai, all teh
    Maydeycin worken wit a kwiknes, and teh farmacists, docters, noyses, an tekneeshans taykin berry eggtra gud care of u!******

  6. I haz tolded mai kittehs abowt ktc, and dey haz gone awl ober tu tell ebreewun, and we iz awl sending beems of gudness to ktc.

  7. Strongest BEEEEEMS on express to KCT! Thank you, Cattails for all you do for our wonderful KCT. May this be her final hurdle to overcome. Infections ar such pleh, yesh dey ar!

  8. Thank you all for ur beems and lurv. You will never know just how much this means to her. This infection is quite serious and we all very concerned. When I read your comments to her she is comforted. {{{{{{cheezfrends}}}}}}

    • I am continuing to pray for her–is there any way she could maybe borrow a lappytop and at least have the comfort of the laughs on ICHC? Laughter is good for the immune system, as well as helping to deal with pain. Of course, i don’t know if her hospital has the ‘net; the one in which Scott spends time periodically has wi-fi, which is a real blessing. In any case, i know GOD has His hand on her, and has never left her, per His promise in Matthew 28: “Lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the age.” Many, many hugs and schmoos to you, my dear sister!
      All my love—janey

      • Fanks, Janey. Der’s a compyooter in her room and we’ll be getting her lappytop to her as soon as she’s able. She is pretty heavily sedated yet due to teh pain and stress uf teh infection. They hav dun moar tests today and I’ll report back wif news tomorrow. Hugs to all teh cheezfrends!

      • Kvnsgrrl–i don’t have any linkees! I’m not on any of the social networks or anything. Our Cween does have my e-mail address, and can give it to you; i don’t know how private this site is, and i am a little wary of all this putting your whole self out there for everyone, y’know? And i do need to update how my husbear is doing–thanks for reminding me! The ADD-brain is forgetful quite often.
        Love you bunches! —janey (altosinger)

  9. ok, i tellded mi kittehs awl bowt KCT, and den dey goeses awl ober da nayborhood, and dey tellded awl der kitteh fwends ( an trust me der ar FOUSANDS ob dem ! ) da Pinky an da Brain, an Muffin and Blackie b sittin rite heer wif me senden da hyper beems to KCT and hugs an lubs! yu jest du ur bestest to rest an let awl da medcin an da nouses an techees an dr tiny catses do der best fur yu !
    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{hugs to kct an da horspittal staff an da drs}}}}}}}}}}}}}}]]]]]]]]]] !!

  10. {{{{KCT}}}}} – as mostlee a lurker for alongs time nao (we hav neber formaly patted paws) – dis time mai hart mus speeks aloud and send teh beems n beems and ai has cawled on charlie n awl his buddies in Princess Mu’s Meadow to send der beems as well.

    • I am always really touched when ai see that our lurker cheezfrends are moved to write. Thx lovchariecat for speaking up. Your dear charie all all teh heart kittehs are surely sending beems. Many tanks to u and everyone who has stopped by wif a message!

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