A Party fur LCB

Dis caminged tu mii in mine emayoz frum LCB. Apparently shii b forwarding sumfing frum wun uv her phlonkwaiz.

Forwarding this from my phlonquais, on the subject of my mandatory birthday party:

“That lazy, no good Piggeh of yours tells me he’ll be off  “doing seekrit mishuns stuff on whutebber dai eet is” (aifinkso is the 5nd, Yesh?) so it’ll have to be the week week weekend before or after… Oh, wait. It’s Canadian Thanksgiving the following weekend and I’ll have people over so it’ll have to be… * shuffles papers * THIS WEEKEND! Err, next weekend… Is it still this weekend over there? Or over here? Who am I? What was I talking about? Where are my pork scratchings? Pfft.

So, it’s a party at short notice you’re after… Well, I’ll have a word with Piggeh, Mick & Fronk and see what we can come up with…

In the meantime, if you want to prepare Cheezland for “Piggeh… ROCKS!” next Sunday on one of the afternoon (TTI) lols, I’ll start working on some songs.

Guest performances are welcome, as always BUT they must be rock songs with an LCB theme… * nod nod * “

Wut I think dis meenz iz dat dere will being a party fru LCB on eether deh tooth or thurd uv October.  Mebbee in deh afternoon.  If u libz in TTI.  If u lib summerz else, it may b at a different tiyme.  I due hopez deh phlonkwaiz figgerz owt wut deh hek hii am up tu.  🙄


2 thoughts on “A Party fur LCB

  1. Lol! Well, keep us posted about possible times and events. I’d be happi if it was this weekend, cos ai be gone for 2 weeks from 5 October and wudn’t want to miss a party for my dear LCB.

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