KCT goin to Treatment Cntr

Wut gud nooz kumming frum deh cattailz!!

All teh cheezpeeps positib thots ‘n beems hav halped our dear KCT improov enuff to be mooved to a skilled nursing facility for a few days and tehn she’ll get to recuperate at home. The leg is better but teh pleh infecshun will need 6 to 8 moar weeks of treatments. Cheezpeeps that wanna send a card can contact Cattails3atYahoo.com to get an address. Cheezpeeps are teh bestest!
hedbonks ‘n purrs,

Edited: I fownded dis frum deh sweet KCT on ICHC tuday!!

O hai der frens. I accnotse anything hile I type or anything. So I apologize nao. Yu are the most bestest frends ebber. I did not lose my hardware.. I did not lose my leg. I havae not gone ober he bridge yet. I am still bery sik. So, I don’t know. My eyes are bad right now and cannot se anythng. I missed u badly and I wanted to come out to play even just a moment. I am afraaid but I can’t do that without god friends like BluesFan, Gryffin, Petunia, CJ, Catails kvnsgrl and a whole lot of frends. I need lots of heling beems! Hedbonks & purrs! always.

13 thoughts on “KCT goin to Treatment Cntr

  1. good to heer! sendin u an(virtual) autumble floral display wif majickle heelin properties fur ur plaice ob recubberi (alzo sum perzimmuns adn pearz) Beemz——->

  2. Thank You, Father, for TailKinker’s life! We claim the promise that by Jesus’ stripes, we were healed. Thank you for the healing that is continuing. We pray for Your continued grace to my sister, and wisdom and compassion for all the health-care people involved. We ask these things in Jesus’ mighty Name–Amen.
    Maybe Cattails can read this to you, and give you a hug from me. You are loved and cherished, dear heart, and i am glad for a chance to know you!
    All my love—janey

  3. My kitteh, Kidd, and I send many healing beems fur KCT. Her haz had enuf bad stuffs in dis last year to last a bery long time. Ai hold you in my heart KCT, adn haz borrowed a WOOH hug fur you frum da Tea Room. {*{*{*{*{KCT}*}*}*}*}
    *go awai you rotten germs adn infekshun – KCT iz bigger dan you*

  4. Just a short update:
    Carol is getting stronger and looking better everyday. She is starting to get a little movement in her knee. Physical therapy is painful, but it works. She may be going home on Wednesday. If insurance would pay for it, I’d love to see her stay a little bit longer and get the knee working better…but the food is terrible there and she is really eager to get home to her kittehs.

    I took her laptop in for a little while today and she spent some time reading and answering a few emails. I will continue to keep you all posted. Your prayers and beems and cards and flowers are truly making a difference for her. Thank you cheezfrenz!
    Purrs and bonks,

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