KimKiwi B Lukking fur Sponsorz

I gottid dis in mai emayoz frum ower deer frend KimKiwi:

Ohai – as sum of yew noes, ai are habbing to battil teh ebil kansir.  Ai has putted mai naem down for teh Relay for Life, wich iz teh munnies-raysing ebent for teh Kansir Society heer in Eensy Weensy Noo Ziland.

Iffin yew wud liek to sponsor me, here be the linkee:

Mai goal am to rayse $1,000 for the Kansir Society.



13 thoughts on “KimKiwi B Lukking fur Sponsorz

  1. Wii haz nawt teh ofishul meatings Butt! ai sahying ai hoaps 4 u teh payshumpts an stwengfs az u battlol teh pleh kansur . . . Ai haz teh sayme fite 2 an ai finking, Ai cud dew wivvowt dis!!!!! Howsomebber, dere itt am!

    Heleng beemz an bestist joi wiv teh fund razor!

    • K3K1G: I put my email address in the first line … it’s the only opportunity to provide your email address, and they need it to send you the confirmation … I made a donation this morning and it worked just fine … read below, though — I had the same question.

  2. Ohai KimKiwi! I be a survyvor tu! I haz a prowd ub yew fur joyning relay fur life an raizing teh munnies! {{{{KimKiwi}}}}

  3. Ohai, sweetie! Munnies here aer tyte, sew doughnayting izzint a nopshun ryte nao, but i am praiin foar yoo, ‘kay? Foar complete heelin an foar gettin enuff spawnsers faor teh Relay, tew.
    Love you bunches—-janey (altosinger)

  4. LOL!!!! Now that ai has read teh commints ai realize why ai thought “wait – whut? u sends me an emayo? Ai nawt has gibben any adress!”. Ai didn’t see urs, and it doesn’t matter. u can keeps teh emayo, KimKiwi!! Sending u and other cancer sufferers BEAMS of healing! U is surrounded and supported bai cheezlubs, wun of teh strongest undocumented forces in the galaxy!

  5. Ohai, ai is joyning teh party to bunneh-kik pleh cancer a litlol late, butt (snerko) thru in mai too sense as well! Gud luk, and big huirrays to u for doing tihs! Ai hopes u raise elebenty munnies!

  6. Yay, KimKiwi!! ai yam wundering iz tehre a playse to see hao mutch yuu bee raisin? so wi kin see if yuu meet yur gool? an mebbe donatify a littlol moar to halps yuu meeting it? Kthxbai!

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