Washington, DC CheezMeet

O hai, guise. Video from today’s Cheezmeet in just outside of Our Nation’s Capital, we has it.


7 thoughts on “Washington, DC CheezMeet

  1. Ai duz not hab teh speakifications (sound fingies) on my compyooter… pleeze to identify: Pink shirt cheezfrend, blue shirt cheezfrend, Hawaiian shirt cheezfrend, navy blue shirt cheezfrend, and purple shirt cheezfrend?

    Luks like it wuz a grand time!

    • O hai, shepmom! Sry to be late replyifying. Pink shirt cheezfren is catena, blue shirt cheezfren is pollosmoky, Hawaiin shirt cheezfren is none other than Jack Deth, navy blue shirt cheezfren (was black shirt, rly) is Q, and purple shirt cheezfren is, well, me.

      (O and BTW, u can prolly plug hedfones in teh “audio out” jack right on ur computer.)

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