Zelkina am a Mummy Just in Tyme fur Lolloween

zelkina says:

ai issa sorreeee to hijackify dis lol, butt(!) ai hassa nouncement!

yessirday, october 7th 2001, at 3.22 pm my little man made his entrance in tew teh wurld! Yessir, I am a mummy!

Mike Zakkary weighs in at 7 pounds 13 ounces, had a full head of hair, and teh poor little man has mummy’s nose!

we is both doing fine an now home safe with daddy.


12 thoughts on “Zelkina am a Mummy Just in Tyme fur Lolloween

  1. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!! Princess Poopsiccle an ai does teh hyoooooj waggy-tail happy dansdansdanse for yoo and ur sweet bebbeh boy!! Congrachaficayshuns!

  2. yay ! how citing for you and yur hubby (and I bet it was citin for da babbeh, too!) ai flies in in my fairy-godmother outfit wif da sparklee wings an da widdle hat an touches down gentlee on hims crib. waves my magic wand and says” I gives yu smarts, and lotsa talents and good looks ana charmin personality, ana hart that is S0-o-o-o- big, wif da lubs forda peeps and awl do aminals ! ! ” now yu is awl ready to go out inda whirld and meet awl da peeps, mikey ! I be doin da happi danse for you an yur lubly mummy and poppa!

  3. Mike Zakkary – whut a wundermous name fur such a tiny beebeh. Congrats Zelinka adn Daddy. A gnu life adn gnu parints. Sumfing blessed to behold.

  4. Congratulations! GOD’s bestest blessings for all of you! many hugs, and prayers for sleeping through the night soon!
    Love you lotses! —janey (altosinger)

  5. How absolutely wonderful. May your family be happy, healthy, and prosperous! Blessings! (and the traditional bouquet of flowers!)

  6. Taht’s wunnermus nooz! Congaratz adn awl happee fings tew awl free of yew! Ai lubs Sparkysmom’s fairy godmother wishes, she sed it awl!

  7. Woooot!!!! 😀 congratulashuns an welcum to teh whirrld, Mike Zachary! Gud to heer u 3 is all well, may you always be! {{{Zelkina + Mike + Mr. Zelkina}}}

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