Fyremenz Say “Ohai”

*runs in all eggsited*
O hai guise! Guess where I was today?
Nevermind. I is too eggsited to wait for ur guesses. I’ll just tell u.

U know how it’s Nationlol Fire Safety Awareness Prevention Week this week? Teh firemans stations where I libs (and prolly where u libs too if u is in teh ‘merica) had open houses today. So I went to one, then ended up going to two moar that was on my way home from teh first one! I got a station tour at one, popcorms at another, and… r u sitting down? I got to “drive” teh fire truck! I drew teh line at going on teh bouncy floor (which I don’t think they has up all teh time) because I was afraid I would bounce on a kidlet and squashify them.

Oh, and, teh vry bestest thing is that I got some of teh firemans to say “O hai” to my Cheezpeeps! Whut’s that u say? “Video or it didnot happen, LCB”? Hmph. Fine. Here’s ur stoopy video evidense.


22 thoughts on “Fyremenz Say “Ohai”

  1. Funny side note: One of the “goodies” I got was a plastic travel coffee mug. It was wrapped up so it wasn’t until I got it home that I saw what was on it and I laughed and laughed. It’s red with a black lid and it says “HOT LIQUIDS BURN! PUT A LID ON IT!!” I guess they learned a lesson — as we all did — from the adventure of “Teho and teh 16-0wnce mokka wif extry spresso.”

  2. Iz vewwy nice video, Lcb! And as ai alwais says abawts teh firemens: iz nawt nice to order teh firemens unless yoo orders enuff for ebberywun — so fankees for sharing ur firemens wif us!

  3. Dis be a wondurful adbentur! Dey be sum ov da handsomist menz on da faice ob da earff! Fankees fur yur ebbidance.

    Ai knowz where dey alwayz haz friendlie (not-rushin tew put awt a fyre) fyremens! At da FyreMuseum in Lutherville, Maryloland! Go adn bisit dems! Dems had der hystorickal fyretruckz awt n about, wiff anti-que sirenz adn ebbrifing on Caturdai. Awesome!

  4. omaigooness! so friendy ! and hansum! and kleen ! an dey awl has such nice smiles !
    an deys awl EMPLOYED ! whutmor cud n e ladee wish foar? (sigh)

  5. LCB, teh conbersayshun ai imagun yew had wif teh fyremens abowt why yew wanted dem tew dew dat gibs mii teh HYOOGE gigglols. Yew iz full ov win an awsum! *gigglols awf tew bed*

  6. I has been savin teh watchin of dat video for when I’s had a ruff day at work. Well, I hazzd a ruff day, so I comed home and watched. 😀 And now I has a big happy. And lols. Manee fanks, LCB!

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