20Elebenty Cheezland Calendar

O hai, guise!

Some of us has been talking for a few years now about putting together a Cheezpeep calendar. So let’s DO one!

We can has a 20Elebenty calender wif the birfdays of each Cheezpeep on teh Burfday Fairy’s list, and pics of our kittehs (and other kines of pets) as teh picture part. Either one picture per month, or a collage, if we get lotsandlots.

As for how much it would cost, we can has a wall calendar from CafePress for $14.99 (USD) and a “desk style” calendar for probably around $7.00 (USD). Plus shipping, of course. Those are the base prices on CafePress; let me state clearly for the record that neither I or any other Cheezpeep make any money from this. That said, we can add on a dollar or two that would go to a charity, like the otter group that the Cheezland cookbook benefited. The great thing about CafePress is that they have good quality products and are represented in or near most areas where Cheezpeeps live (USA, Canada, UK and Australia), so most of us can shop in our own currency and not have to pay for overseas shipping.

Whut u think? Any other idears?

I can get started on this right away. Send the pictures you want included to me at lolcatburglar@gmail.com. Please remember to put the name of your pet and your screen name.


7 thoughts on “20Elebenty Cheezland Calendar

  1. Ohai! I think this is a great idea and I would order one! The idea about just adding 1 or 2 munnies to the price and giving that to a charity sounds good to me too. I’d like to say for the record…I ordered a Cheezstock travel ‘mocha holder’ cup and a magnet
    through Cafe Press and I was very impressed, both with the quality of the items and the speedy service!

  2. Ohai. Ai wuld buy either wun tu. Duz da desk-type calendar mean we haz more piksures? Like wun fur ebery dai? Dat way more peeps culd haz more piksures (current kittehs adn heart kittehs?). Ai nawt mind gibing 1 or 2 or 5 monies fur charities – ebery littlol bit helps.

  3. Aim wif u fellers, esp onleekitteh! Ai wil send a pix or too tomorose (at stoopy wurk rite now, nawt wurking, snerk) and cros mai paws to get axe epted.

  4. Brillyunt ideea LCB! Ai duzznt naow haow teh Cafe Press awder will wurk tew Souf Effrica, fink teh poastaging will be lotsa munnies, butt(!) wud sertinly gib it a trai. Fankees fer dooin tihs!

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