W00t!!! KCT am HOME!

Such gud gnuz in mai inbox tuday!!!

Gud ebening mai cween!

Ai am nao hoem and haz awl mai behbehs awl arown meh! Ai left teh nursing hoem wif Cattails and Mr. Cattails dis afternun!

Sunny, Inky and Pyewacket hab ben awl arown meh! Ai haz a happytail to be hoem. Ai do haz to haz IV meds foar seberal weeks tho.

Ai am posfifying frum hoem!

Fank U!



18 thoughts on “W00t!!! KCT am HOME!

  1. YEAH! KCT iz home. Ai iz so happy, but nawt az happy az you iz. Glad da kitteh beebehs haz you home tu. Ai still sending get-well-beems fur your knee adn telling dat nasty infekshun to GO AWAY adn leave our KCT alone.

  2. I can attest to teh happitail dansdansdans uf KCT and kittehs. Kittehs nawt gonna let her outta their sight anytiem soon. Thank you all for ur beems and prayers and well wishes. KCT iz lukkin gud!

  3. Just ckn in, sowndz liek U has has rly strugilishus stuf! Me too. (I just drove bk cross USA, fambly stuf, havin a beloved tree that DIED cut dn at our home.) Had some gd conektz w. Flyhawk, 707gatos, Nala, Watoga Sue, etc. Hoap we conect up sumday, even in teh faec uv owr day-to-day stuf. You can camp in our parking bay in the one n only ALTADENA!

    Et cetera, et cetera, and soforth! I am so glad you are home, sis! I will continue to pray for complete healing!
    Love you bunches! —janey (altosinger)

  5. Happy-happy DANS DANS! Happy-happy DANS DANS! Our tails are wagging a mile a minute to hear that yoo has comified home!!! Prayers and beems for continued healing and speedy resumption of joyfulishusness!

  6. YAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! *DANSE-DANSE-TWIRL-TWIRL-TAPPITY-TAP-BOOTY-SHAKE-BOOTY-SHAKE* Ai hopez KCT getz awl bettur ASAP! Taht iz gud nooz taht she iz hoam wher her furbabies can tayke caer ub her! {{{{{{{{KCT}}}}}}}}

  7. Lublee news, KCT!!! Ai haz ai hapeeeee !!! Dans dans dans! Snorgle doz kittehs and knos dat we rap rap raps u in teh cheezpeep blankie ub lubs.

    Sendin doze beems and prayers to u!!

  8. wundrous gnus!!!!!
    pj an jessie r runnin arounz da rum wif dere dr tiny cat suitez on. yea 4 da medical peepz an yea 4 da cheeze peepz.

    KCT u iz 1 strong ladi… da peepz iz wif u awl da weigh.

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