Moar on teh 20Elebenty Cheezland Calendar

O hai, guise!

A few of u have already sent your kitteh pics to me for the 20Elebenty Cheezland Calendar but there’s room for lots more. It can be a photo of your kitteh/dog/bunneh/whathaveyou or it can be a drawing or painting, as long as it is your own original work. You can upload your pictorial contribution here:

After you upload, you can click on your picture and add a comment with your screen name, the name of the kitteh or whoever it is, and the month you would like them to represent, if any.

BTW, the plan was to do a wall calendar that will be about $20 USD with a few dollars of that going to a charity, and a desk-style calendar for around $7-9 USD, also with a few dollars of that going to the charity. I had thought that the desk version would be basically a smaller version of the wall calendar, i.e. one page per month. We can do that, but if there are enough pictures we can also or instead have the desk calendar be a page a week. That would put the price closer to $10 or $12 USD. (There’s a flat fee for binding then a per-page charge.) More on the options when we see how many contributions we’re getting.

Deadline for pictures is one month from now: November 15, 2010. It will probably take me until then to recover from all the anticipated splorts.


10 thoughts on “Moar on teh 20Elebenty Cheezland Calendar

  1. grate idee-uhs! awltho aifink teh cubbur mite hab tew bee a chrg foar ebberywun tew youse foar teh splortages shur to ohkur!

  2. *sigh* Ai no can has kitteh or goggie. Ai thought about sending a flutterby pic, but if it has to be an oridginal by me, ai be flummoxed nao cause awl teh flutterbies have gone … Will have to fink about sumfink. *crawls off muttering to hurself*

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