Sozzern Cal Cheezee Meetz

Looky wut camded in mai emayoz tuday!!!

ohai cweenmj

dis am noodle, ur on da seen reportor frum da west hollywood cheeze meetin wif meny peepz an da ben himselve.

wuz mai nawt secund cheeze event. only costed $1.00 4 a tiket an $1.04 4 da registring.
ai gotz dere erly, wuz hopin 2 meat up wif sparkysmom, butt, alas, her cudn’t attend.  ai toldz her dat she knot knead 2 sey sorri cuz ai woodent hab gone iffin she hadnt got mai kurage up.

dere wuz mountinz ob happicat an lolrus on da frunt tabel an lotz awl aroun da fatberger. da cheezewerkerz wuz wunderous nice 2 mi an awl da peepz.  dey gived uz free cheezeburgrz an fris an lemonadez, an happicats and lolrus an fail stikers an ichc magnetz an moor.

ai war mai dr tinycat t. an meny peepz hadd lol tshirtz on 2.

bcgmeowrrr wuz dere an wii tawked an laffed. ai met lotza other frendli peepz.

den ben arribed an tawked an visited wif us an signed hour bookz an da peepz got pixturez wif him. ben haz da frendli smile.

sparkysmom an ai will tri 2 arrange a so cal cheezemeet, an ttc an bcgmeowrr an nightyshade an eny1 an ebber1 kan  come.

dis am noodle signin off.

4 thoughts on “Sozzern Cal Cheezee Meetz

  1. WOWSERS! Dat sounds like such a grand time you had and wif lotsa prezzies tu. Ai haz seen Ben piksure lotsa times adn he looks a great peep.
    *Ohai Noodle!*

  2. Woooooooot!!!! Cheezmeets are full of teh win and awsumness! It’s great to see ur face, Noodle! It really is! It means a lot to me to be able to put a face to a cheeznaym. Hope u and Star are doing well!

    • ohai katapiggli,
      welcom bak frum vakachion. r u bak 2 werk? didid u hab a gud tyme?
      star an aiz doin pretti gud. fankz 4 da askin.
      awl da cheezefolkz at da cheezemeet wir frendli an funni. ai guess whi r a self selected group ob animal loverz.
      afta ai had ben sign mai itty buk, ai went 2 awl da tabelz axed ebberi1 else 2 sign an rite in dere kittehz oar goggies name. cheezepeepz lub 2 talk about dere animalz.
      wii shud plan a internachional cheezemeet.

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