Sum gud nooz!

Ai wuz goin 2 poast dat nightshayde’s kitteh, Squeak, had gon missin and ask fur ‘Go hoem’ thorts but 2dai nightshayde haz poastid awn ICHC dat him haz riturnd hoem saef an sownd – nawt eben hongree! So sum kyned purrsun muss hab lukked affer him an kep him owt uv teh rayne!


9 thoughts on “Sum gud nooz!

  1. Ai haz a happy dat Squeak returned tu home before an all-out alert wuz called fur go-home-beems. Ai haz a partial liking fur kittehs named Squeak since ai had a heart-kitteh named Squeaky.

    • And wondermous news for me to go to sleep on! Yay, Squeak, for coming home! yay, Nightshade for being such a good kittymama!
      Love you bunches—janey (altosinger)

  2. Oh, fanks be to teh Boss of CC!!! Dis iz indeed most wondermus gnus. Special blessifications on teh purrson who lukked after Squeak. May Squeak and Nightshayde haz a no-moar-trubbles life togevver!

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